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Moshi Monsters series 8 countdown day 15: Lamping Weeny the Genie

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Dribbles was a bit of a hit on day 14 now wasn’t he? Teeny Weeny Genie has been a massive hit with my two since he turned up in a Moshi Mission on the pooter, so they were very pleased to find out he is one of the moshlings and here he is on day 15 for you all….

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Weeny


This wee fella is rather a magical little creature, but he is also rather sneaky. They only grant three wishes to monsters that can moonwalk on their hands, and pat their heads at the same time *who can do that*

In otherwords, they don’t grant wishes to moshis very often at all…

Personality: Fickle, enchanted and a little bit funny

Likes:  Treasure and blowing bubblegum

Dislikes: Wonky wizards, and sesame crackers

Over to my delightful assistant for a little bit more information…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Weeny

With only one day to go, what do you think so far, do you like these little guys, is Weeny a favourite….don’t miss out on the last few subscribe to the blog!

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