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Moshi Monsters Series 8 countdown day 14: Tackle it for Dribbles

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Stuntboy gets a look in today, finally on day 14…but only in passing *get it*, he still didn’t want to do the video! We have moved on from the glamorous days of Vinnie the hamster, an have entered the footballing era, which can be just as glamorous with all those WAGS about; I wonder what Dribbles WAG would be like….

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Dribbles


This wee fella is Stunboy’s bestest moshling now – and that is from ALL the series that there has ever been *praise indeed*

Dribbles loves nothing better than being kicked into the back of a net, and shouting Goooooaaaaaallll as loud as possible! They have amazing bouncability, and can get a wee bit competitive, but other than that they are rather fun wee creatures, that just love having a wee game.

Personality: Competitive, sporty and lively

Likes: Rolling around in mud and silvery cups

Dislikes: Penalty shoot-outs and red cards, of course, but who in footballl does like red cards?

Wonder what Chatterbox thinks of it all?

Do you like the new footy prima dona? Let us know below, and if you would like to stay in touch with the countdown and our other posts on there, then do subscribe to the blog via email as well.

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