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Tidying up; from this....
Behaviour training tips for parents

Tidying up: How do you get yours to do it?

I just asked my ten year old what he thought I should write about today and he came up with two ideas and we decided on this one, a battle I face constantly, tidying up and the untidy kids bedroom. Now I do know I am not the tidiest person in the world, but I […]

by Beckie • October 30, 2012
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Giveaway: Family ticket to Blackpool Tower worth £35

I am a Northern lass. I grew up within a pretty short car journey from Blackpool, and some of my most fond memories are of visiting Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach…so for all you lovely readers, we have a great giveaway on the blog today; A free family ticket for Blackpool Tower. a Rafflecopter […]

by Helen • October 29, 2012
Children Biting: How do I cope?
Behaviour training tips for parents

Children biting: How do I deal with it?

You’re sitting in the soft play with some other mums and you hear a child start to cry, you look over and your child gives you ‘that look’, the one you know when they’ve done something wrong. But more that that, you know they’ve bitten another child and very soon that other child’s mum will […]

by Maria Albertsen • October 25, 2012
Outdoor play: Family walks
Free Activities For Kids

Move away from that screen! Tips for encouraging outdoor play

Saturday mornings have got slight more complicated in the last few weeks as the youngest has started playing football. And he loves it …they are all at that age where the ball goes one way and they all run after it, it gets kicked back the way it came and they all turn around and […]

by Beckie • October 23, 2012
Potty training tips: try to be relaxed about it...
Potty Training

Potty training tips: It is NOT a competition

I went around to a good friend’s for tea. Her little boy did very well with the old potty training; did it himself virtually. We ended up chatting about potty training tips, and she refereed to a recent article on Babycentre US about five things that doctors would want you to do for your preschoolers. The first […]

by Helen • October 22, 2012
Childcare arrangements: does your child cry when you leave them
Free printable activities & reward charts

Childcare: Does your toddler cry when you leave?

Do you leave your toddler with someone else while you just have five minutes to yourself? Does your child cry when you leave them? Are you a working mum? It’s happened to me and its heart-breaking. They reach out to you with their arms as you are leaving, that look in their eyes as if […]

by Helen • October 19, 2012
Toddler hitting: How can we deal with it?
Disciplining your children

Toddler hitting: 11 tips to help you

Have the days gone when you seen your son or daughter as a little angel and instead, in their place is a little monster who hits and lashes out? Well, you may be surprised to know that anger and aggression, which leads to toddler hitting, is a normal part of a child’s development. It is […]

by Maria Albertsen • October 18, 2012
Quality time: Do we need to do more of it?
Disciplining your children

Quality time: What does Oliver James’ “Love Bombing” technique say about our parenting?

Step away from this if you don’t want to read me being a bit serious for a change…! It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it’s usually worth paying a little bit of attention to I promise….I have read a lot recently about the Love Bombing technique from Oliver James. Not least on our blog […]

by Helen • October 17, 2012
Keep calm: particularly when the kids are not....
Disciplining your children

Keep calm: 10 top tips for keeping your head when the kids start….

Calm – that’s me – on a good day. I always keep calm…. I would love to write yes that’s me CALM,  I have that one sussed. The truth is sometimes I do and I amaze myself at my unflapableness and other times it’s not quite there (or anywhere nearby). So here are my top […]

by Beckie • October 16, 2012