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Believe it or not; Chatterbox is alseep!
Bedtime Parenting Tips

Britmums Blog Prompt: The Kiss Goodnight

I have never done a Britmums Blog Prompt before, so I hope that I have done this right. The prompt was to talk about our favourite time of day. There has never been any doubt about mine. I make sure it happens every night, at the very least with Chatterbox. Its when I go into […]

by Helen • May 30, 2012
The sun came out - now its time for a BBQ
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Tuesday Tips: Hurrah – the sun is here at last, but can you persuade your kids to eat the healthy BBQ food?

It looks like summer has begun! But as this is England, we need to make the most of it; who knows what it could be doing tomorrow. Well, I have taken it on faith that this is it – so there is no going back. Last night I packed the last of the scarfs and […]

by Helen • May 29, 2012
Worried face from Chatterbox - well trying to look worried anyway...
Behaviour training tips for parents

Don’t take my Kitty Stickers off the wardrobe when I am big, mummy, please…

My daughter is six, going on forty. I do believe I have mentioned this before. Don’t take away Hello Kitty She worries about an awful lot of stuff that I really don’t think it is necessary for a six year old to even be thinking about, never mind worrying about. I really, really do wish I […]

by Helen • May 28, 2012
Little Dish Shoes Blog Giveaway
Great giveaways for kids & parents

Giveaway: Fancy winning a Pair of Special Edition Little Dish Toddling Shoes?

As Mummy’s Little Stars are a part of the Sainsbury’s Family Blogger Network, Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance are offering to giveaway five pairs of shoes to our readers. What a cheeky little pair of shoes these are; propped up against Little Dish food almost as if they were ready to take on a few miles right […]

by Helen • May 25, 2012
Reward Charts

Design your own printable behaviour charts launched…*thump*

OMG. You really can design your own printable behaviour charts FOR FREE and print them immediately in the comfort of your own home *pinch me* We have actually done it. I’ve been banging on about our charts for nearly a year now on Twitter…. The KiddyCharts gremlin has been working overtime, but I think we have given it […]

by Helen • May 24, 2012
Behaviour training tips for parents

Tuesday Tips: Disco Divas – rewarding good behaviour

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. Why oh why are Thursday and Friday nights the busiest of the week; with gym club, football training, choir and swimming? I know, I know…. To some extent, I bring it on myself. At least the swimming is no longer at 8.30am on a […]

by Helen • May 22, 2012
Parenting vouchers for classes from the government - will they work?
Behaviour training tips for parents

Will the UK government’s new voucher scheme for parenting classes really help the people who need it the most?

I read an interesting post on parenting expert Sue Atkins’ Blog this week regarding a new government initiative; parenting vouchers. What are they all about? Everyone with children from 0 through to 5 is being given £100 of vouchers for parenting classes in a soon to be national scheme from Can Parent. You will be able to pop […]

by Helen • May 18, 2012
My kids love being involved in my business - so should we all let them help a bit?
Parenting Tips

Working Mums: Get your kids in the boardroom!

I recently read a post from More Than Mummies about getting your children involved in testing your products..and it got me thinking…. Do we all need to get our kids into our jobs and businesses; mums, dads, grandma’s, everyone – our kids opinions matter to us all, don’t they? Kiddies in the chore charts boardroom […]

by Helen • May 16, 2012
Water Guns: just think like an 8 year old once in a while...
Parenting Tips

Tuesday Tips: Remember when you were eight….

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. Thank goodness the sun shone this weekend; we could switch off everything  with a screen and get outside…HURRAH. I even got some broccoli and sugar snap peas planted in the garden only to be told we might have a frost. Well so far so […]

by Helen • May 15, 2012