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How to never have to sew on school labels again

Are you fed up of sewing school labels on to your kids clothes. So am I - and now I don't have to - find out why here!

Right. I am going to be totally upfront with you. I don’t sew well. In fact, I avoid it as much as I possibly can.

If a button needs sewing on anything, the thing it needs sewing on is left on the arm of the sofa until it’s moulded into it and becomes part of the fabric. The cat tends to sit on it.

In other words, I don’t like labelling my kids clothes, or anything else in fact. Sewing on labels is my idea of hell. One step up from buttons, but both are necessary evils in parenting. Labels are always a last minute job – typically I realise I didn’t do the new uniform at 12pm the night before school starts.

If I never have to sew another label, my life would be complete.

Imagine that. No more sodding labels. I may have found the holy grail therefore. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but anything that means I can go for three years without sewing those blasted labels, works for me.

Take a bow, Stamptastic; grab yourself a slice of the best cake in the world….one that means you don’t have to do school labels anymore….

Stamptastic really is a siple way to label school clothes - get your stamp, and you can add it to pretty much anything.

Not only do I not have to sew on labels anymore, but if your kids are going on a school trip and the school tell you that you need to label everything, you are no longer cursing them.

Buy yourself a stamp and an ink pad and get your own children, if they are old enough like mine, to stamp their kit. We have a black ink pad, and my eldest was more than happy to stamp all the clothes she took, her books, shoes and even her suitcase. Ironically, Francesca, who owns Stamptastic, told me recently that she was too busy working to do her daughter’s stuff. Can you believe that this no sew mama was even one step ahead of her?!? Nope. Neither can I.

Stamptastic sets are £10 each; you can choose the name and a symbol to go on the stamp too. Stamptastic ink is £12.00. Some may initially think that this is more than the average fabric pen, but we all know that fabric pens do wash off. My stamped clothes haven’t so far, and they are meant to last for 50 washes. They also work on a good deal more than clothes, as witnessed by my daughters efforts before her school trip.

It is worth nothing too that if you register your PTA with them, purchases made through this earn 25% cashback for the school; you can register your PTA on the site – just click on the icon on the top righthand side of the Stamptastic home page.

Yes, they are a little more than the average label or pen, but they are more than worth it. Never having to have to sew another school label on in a panic at 1am has gotta be worth forgoing a couple of bottles of wine for. Wouldn’t you agree?

Disclosure: We are Stamptastic ambassadors and were sent stamps for the kids to write an honest review. I think they knew I was crap at sewing and would love them. We really do though, and my kids love stamping their stuff. My boy even did his shorts this morning!

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