Do you have a sock pixie in your house?  Our pixie takes our socks and never brings them back!

Right, this is a bit of a ranting post, so be warned…even though washing socks is a fairly innocuous subject…

However, this rant has to be said. And I know you agree with me. You really do.

Sock pixies do exist

I am fed up with the socks in this house.

I put four pairs in the wash and I come out with four un-matching socks.

Where the hell do the others actually go?

I have taken this regular event to mean that there is irrefutable proof that sock pixies really and truly do exist. Perhaps they live next door to the tooth fairy? Perhaps they use these socks to create wonderfully intricate quilts which they then sell on to all the magical, mythical creatures down the road.

Maybe the unicorns use them to keep warm in their wonderfully, sparkly, glittery stables.

Whatever they do with them – THEY DON’T STAY IN MY HOUSE.

Let the unicorns freeze

My daughter and my son have a pile of odd socks on the top of their chest of drawers.

I have just counted them – there are SIX in each pile.

How does that actually happen?

Someone is stealing our socks.

So, to the little sock pixie that manages the shift in this part of the world, will you please give them back – Now. Just let the unicorns get cold, please.

It’s the kind of thing that can really push a mum over the edge.

Do you have a sock pixie? If you do, please tell us about him. Have you ever seen him? Is he indeed a him? Personally, I think he must be as only a bloke could be this annoying.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clipart.

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