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Star paper plate sun catcher

paper plate sun catcher

Today I would love to share a simple Summer craft with you. I have two young children and they often ask to make something when I am in the middle of making dinner or hanging out the washing. I have learned that simple crafts are best, and if they can hang their crafts up in the window, even better.

We love making sun catchers and made simple ones using paper plates.

Equipment needed to make a paper plate star sun catcher:

  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • coloured squares of cellophane
  • contact paper
  • string
  • hole punch


How to make a paper plate star:

Cut out a star shape from the centre of a paper plate and cover it with a piece of contact paper.


Cut the cellophane squares into small pieces and let your children cover the cut out star with them. Use single colour pieces or mix it up for a colourful star.


Make sure there aren’t any gaps! When you have finished cover the other side of the paper plate with contact paper, to secure any loose pieces.


Punch a hole in the top of the paper plate and thread with string to hang in the window. This makes a lovely colourful decoration – what other shapes could you make?


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My name is Jenny and I have been writing and sharing craft ideas at the gingerbread house since 2005. I'm a mother of a 3 and 5 year old who love to craft as much as I do. You can also find me on Twitter @gingerbread_mum, Instagram @jennymakes and Pinterest @jennymakes.

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