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Valentine’s Day activities for kids

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve got a fabulous selection of Valentine’s Day activities for kids to get them in the mood for this special day. From printable activities to craft based ideas, you’re sure to find something here that you can do with the kids to involve them in this special day.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here’s a selection of Valentine’s Day activities for kids to get them in the mood for this special day #Valentine'sDay #Valentine #Activities

Valentine’s Day printables for Kids

We’ve gathered some of the most adorable and free valentine’s day activites for kids, ready for you to print for the little ones. From a Valentine’s day coloring eBook to some fantastic printable activities to give to your loved ones. We’ve even got a Valentine’s Day themed rewards chart to help you if you need it over the period.

There’s something for parents too. Our Valentine’s Day love coupons mean you can redeem some well deserved adult time. The best bit? There’s no expiry date.

Every single idea on this page is sprinkled with a little Valentine’s love!

This is the full colour version of the Valentine reward chart with a ladybird design - we hope you like it. Why not download it now to help with whatever challenges the kids are giving you at the moment? Its free after all.
Valentines Day Reward Charts:
For any pressing challenges to overcome – NEEDS NEW IMAGE HERE
Valentine's Day printable maze activity
Valentine’s Day maze activity: Get the animals to their sweethearts!
Are you stuck for a gift on valentines day, or indeed any day for your other half as a parent? Well why not print out some of these free love coupons to give them something that they really, really want from a bit of bedroom gymnastics, to a night watching sport on the TV. We have something in our love coupons for every parent out there. There are also blank love coupons for him and her so that you can make your own up too. They come with a lovely little envelope, and no expiry date as well!
Valentine’s Day Coupons:
Free printable love coupons for parents
Is there love in the air? We have some valentines reward charts and behavior charts for you to help with the kids. Sometimes all it takes is a little incentive and these rewards charts are perfect!

Valentine’s Day sticker reward chart: FREE loveable valentines behaviour charts

Valentine’s Day card ideas for kids

We’ve got a gorgeous selection of printables and card craft ideas for your little ones this Valentine’s Day. There are ideas for a range of age groups, from toddlers to older children. There’s some great ideas for the kids to make their own cards from scratch or print out our pun-tastic printable Valentine’s Day cards and colour them in. There really is something for everyone. Check them out below.

Cute and Easy Heart Valentine Card for Toddlers
Easy Valentines Day card: Heart based craft for toddlers
This is what they ALL look like - choose to color in your Valentines Cards for Dad, or print them out, and just personalise your message. We've got them all free to download on the blog today.
FOUR simple valentines cards: Pun-tastic cards for the little ones to color in – NEEDS NEW IMAGE
FInally we have a Valentines Day Card on the blog for you and the kids to make|! THis one is a 3D spinning heart card, simple, but really effective. You can decorate around the card anyway you want to as well, so it is a really flexible card for you and the kids to try,.
Valentines Day Spinning Card to create with the kids – NEEDS A NEW IMAGE
A lovely Valentines Day Card with a Kite theme for kids (and even adults) to make
Valentine’s Day cards for kids: A lovely craft project for the kids

Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids

You’ll find come delightful craft activities and Valentine’s ideas to explore here to involve the kids on this special day. Why don’t you sit down with the kids to do a spot of Valentine’s Day origami?

30+ Valentine’s Day craft ideas: Spread a little love
Origami-Valentine: Header
Mend a broken heart with this gorgeous heart origami Valentine for someone special – NEEDS A NEW IMAGE

Valentine’s Day cooking ideas for kids (and adults too)

We haven’t forgotten that Valentines Day can make you want to spread a little love with cooking too, so we have a couple of ideas for the kids (and you) that’ll help. Why not start the day with some American style Valentine’s Day pancakes. Once you’ve finished some of the amazing activities we have on this site, you’ll then be able to reward yourself with some tasty Valentine’s Day biscuits.

These Valentines Day Biscuits are a perfect treat for the kids, and parents everywhere.
Why not start the day with an amazing Valentines Day Breakfast?

As always, it has been a pleasure chatting to you on here, and we trust you’ve found enough Valentine’s Day activities for kids here for the day to keep them interested, at least for a few moments. If you like our resources, do sign up to our newsletter:

We try to publish a new free printable at least once a week. Cheers again for coming to visit and we hope to see you again soon.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here’s a selection of Valentine’s Day activities for kids to get them in the mood for this special day #Valentine'sDay #Valentine #Activities

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