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Valentines cards for kids: How to make a love bird card

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Simple Valetines Cards for Kids: Love Birds

We didn’t do craft in 2013.

In 2014; there is a new me. The new me is very aware of how much Chatterbox loves to craft, and also how much I used to love doing Origami.

So this year; KiddyCharts will do craft. In fact, we are making every effort to try and do something regularly. I can’t commit to being a Red Ted Art or an In the Playroom; in fact, no matter how hard I tried, I am fairly sure that both those lovely ladies are way better at this sort of thing.

However, they don’t have what I have; Chatterbox as inspiration.

Our first craft project of 2014; is this lovely Valentines card for kids. We chatted about the design together, and Chatterbox made it herself, with minimal guidance from me. There are valentines card templates for all the fiddly pictures on there, including the lovebirds, and the big and small heart. Hopefully, this will make the project easy for you to do as well.

Valentine cards for kids – what do you need

Card templates

3 different colours of card; 1 A4 for the card (we used pink, pearl red and yellow

PVA glue

Pen and coloured pencils


Small foam squares (either sticky, or cut from larger foam and glued)

Valentines cards for kids – how to make it

  1. Fold one sheet of A4 card in half gently to find the middle of your card; unfold
  2. Fold each edge to the middle of the A4 card using the crease line you just made as a guide
  3. Draw your tree design on each half – giving each tree a branch for your love birds to sit on. You can colour these in or leave blank as Chatterbox has doneSimple Valentines Cards for Kids: Tree
  4. Cut out your love birds; raise them from the card using a foam square and glue on the branch opposite each other…making sure their beaks touch when you close the card. Ah, kissing ;-) My daughter did this herself, so below they are slightly out…adds to her charm though don’t you think?Simple Valentines Cards for Kids: Love Birds
  5. Open out your card
  6. Cut out the large heart from the template and glue into the card; the centre of the large heart should follow the middle of your card (crease in step 1)
  7. Cut out enough small hearts for your message using the template. We did 8 to make the message “I love Dad”
  8. Glue each one in a pattern on to the large heartSimple valentines card: Big and little hearts
  9. Sign your card
  10. Step back and admire your handywork.

Easy right? If we can do it, so can you. Any problems though, do contact us.

If you are after further Valentines Cards for Kids, then do nip over to my Pinterest Account; follow me and the board we have there for Valentines Day crafts.

Follow Helen Neale (KiddyCharts)’s board Love Valentines with kids on Pinterest.

I know it is a month off, but it soon comes around :-D

fergani rami

Sunday 17th of April 2016

Can’t wait to make these with my daughte


Saturday 13th of February 2016

I really love to have hand made greetings card and that is for valentine day. Lets start new way to celebrate valentine day


Saturday 13th of February 2016

This is a nice way to make card , I will surely be trying it . Thanks for sharing this methos .


Monday 10th of February 2014

The birds are VERY cute :-)

Valentine Candy

Thursday 6th of February 2014

Can't wait to make these with my daughter! This is the best kid's card craft I've seen yet :)

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