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Four free printable valentines day cards: Isle of Ewe!

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Ah Valentines Day Cards. They are everywhere, and they all cost a little bit of your hard-earned cash; but not on KiddyCharts they don’t! We have four great designs for you, that you can even add a little extra something to.

Who doesn’t love a good Valentines Day Pun? We certainly do, and we have four cards with Valentines Day puns on for you, that will melt the hardest Father’s heart. We have even given you the cards in outline, so our children can colour them in for their Dad’s as well. What more could you ask for?

The designs we have for you are:

You’re Wheely great

You're Wheely great, Daddy! Valentines Day Cards for Dad can be hard to find, that work for daughters - but this one is just so sweet. And we have three other valentines day card designs on the blog too.

You’re Pear-fect

You're Pear-fect, Daddy! An adorable one of our Valentines day cards for the kids to give to Dad on Valentines Day. There are three over designs to give away on the blog too. You can even colour them in as well.

You’re a One in a Million Daddy

You're one in a million Daddy! Another great sentiment for Valentines Day Cards from Daughter to Daddy...we have three more Valentines Cards on the blog.

Isle of Ewe

My personal favourite - I Love Ewe, Daddy! Just so, so cute. Add some cotton wool to the sheep, and its perfect for Daddy's little girl as a choice of Valentines Day cards! We do have three other designs if this isn't for you. All free and you can colour them in too.

Aren’t they all just awesome!

As we also have the black and white versions for you of these Valentines Day Cards, so you can also have a little bit of fun with these. Use the Black and White I Love Ewe, and add some cotton wool to decorate the sheep, and some tissue paper on the island perhaps? Maybe you can even find some heart stickers for the background too? That’d make a rather gorgeous and simple homemade valentines card, don’t you agree?

If you would like all the cards, just click on the image below:

Here are all four Valentines Day Cards for Dads designs - we have black and white versions to colour in too of course. Take your pick, there must be something that is perfect for Valentines Day for you. My favourite is I Love Ewe - which is yours?

As always we have lots of other great Valentines ideas on the blog for you to including:

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So that’s us for another week, see you next week where we will share more printable fun for you. If you don’t have time to do these cards now, then do pin them for later!

This is what they ALL look like - choose to color in your Valentines Cards for Dad, or print them out, and just personalise your message. We've got them all free to download on the blog today.

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Thursday 4th of February 2016

This is excellent for valentines day gift!! Thank you!!

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