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Spring brain break dice game

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Today we have a fun activity for your kids our spring brain break dice game. Not only is this a great activity for your kids to make, which makes it an activity in and of itself, but it’s a spring themed die for your kids to customise and create their own brain break game! Kids can get so mesmerised by screens that sometimes it’s healthy for them to take a bit of a break and play or what about the restlessness kicking in when you are homeschooling? Whenever you see your kids in dire need of a brain break you can use the brain break dice.

Spring brain break dice game

Kids brain break dice

So, what’s a brain break dice? Well, a brain break dice is a fun die that can be used whenever your kids need a bit of a break from the activity that they are undertaking.

Whether it’s taking some screen time off from studying now that many of our kids are distance learning, or whenever your kids are just getting restless doing a specific task.

These breaks help reset their mind a bit and help them to see things in a more settled way once they get back to it.

Spring brain break dice

Our spring kids brain break dice game can be customised to your liking as we have included six lovely options for them (or you) to choose from.

Brain dice game

The options for you to choose from are:

  • Jump in a puddle,
  • Buzz like a bee,
  • Grow like a flower,
  • Slide like a snail,
  • Wriggle like a worm,
  • Rise like the sun,
  • Curve like a rainbow,
  • Blow like the wind and,
  • Flutter like a butterfly.

We have purposely chosen activities that will get your kids moving, stretching and incorporate their body into all aspects of the activity.

How to create your own brain break dice game

It’s actually very simple, here’s what you do:

  • Choose your activities from the sheet above,
  • Cut them out,
  • Cut out the die template we have created for you (like the one you see below),
  • Glue the activities onto the squares provided, and
  • Then assemble your die.
Spring break game

As you can see, this fun activity is an activity in and of itself and will also create this fun spring brain break dice game for your kids to play whenever they need it.

We hope that you enjoyed this printable!

< Click the circular image below to get your own free printable spring break dice game template >>

Spring break dice game

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