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Halloween stickers: Hershey kiss template and more!

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Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year. We LOVE it on KiddyCharts, and you can probably tell as we have loads, and loads of wonderful resources for Halloween for you, that we love to share whenever we can. Today we have some fantastic Halloween stickers for you. They are perfect for Hershey kiss templates, or any other chocolate kisses. But don’t let your imagination stop you there, they are fabulous stickers generally, and work for loads of different things. Print them out and have fun with your Halloween celebrations.

What are our Halloween stickers like?

Not unreasonably, as a reader, you will want to know what our stickers are like, and what we recommend that you use them for.

They are smaller than some of the other stickers we have on the site, which we produce within our organised parents printables usually. This means that they aren’t right for some things, like sealing bags. However, we do have lots of other ideas for you:

  1. Perfect for chocolate kisses, either that you have made yourself, or as Hershey kiss templates – these are just the right size for this,
  2. Are you looking to make party bags for Halloween – the stickers are a perfect addition to these,
  3. Looking for Halloween favours, then these are great for that too,
  4. Print some out and pop them in the window as decorations on the night,
  5. Why not print some out and offer them as treats for those Trick or Treating that aren’t candy related? These are a great alternative for that too, and finally
  6. Use them to decorate your own homemade trick or treat bags. They would look fabulous on our Bat trick or treat bags for example.

We think you’ll agree that these are all fabulous ideas, so don’t just stick with the Hershey kiss template idea, expand the mind!

The pack does also include a blank set of stickers for you to create your own, so have a go with that too. You can personalise whatever you are making then as well.

We hope that you agree that these are a lovely addition to our Halloween resources.

<< To download them, just click on the circular image below >>

If you are looking for some other wonderful templates for Halloween, then do check out our Halloween lollipop templates too. These are super popular.

We have other ideas as well – feel free to check these out on the site when you have a moment:

Halloween printables on KiddyCharts

We LOVE Halloween - so we have loads of printables for you that work perfectly for this season. Why not take a look at some of them now?

We don’t just recommend our own stuff though, do check out some of these Halloween ideas too:

Halloween printables from the internet

Loads more printables for you to check out with a Halloween theme. Hopefully you will find more inspiration for your Halloween seasonal activities here too.

We hope you like these printables, if so, do consider signing up for our Time to Pee club for more freebies, and 10% off in our shop.

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Thanks so much for coming to see us, and we hope to see you again on the site soon.


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