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Halloween acrostic poem and other Halloween printables from Clarence the Cat

Who’s ready for a howling good time this Halloween? We’ve brewed up a cauldron of creativity with more free printables for you for Halloween, this time a Halloween acrostic poem, some colouring and finally a design your own pumpkin activity for the kids.

In this image, a person is being encouraged to write an acrostic poem about Halloween using the provided free worksheets from

Let your little witches and wizards dive broom-first into the world of imagination, literacy, and laughter with our Halloween cat, Clarence. This Halloween, we’re unmasking three fang-tastic printables, each one bubbling with fun and learning. We know you like to see what you are getting from us, so here goes…

1. Halloween acrostic poem

First up in our trick-or-treat bag is a ghoulishly delightful Halloween acrostic poem! What’s that, you ask? An acrostic poem is a type of verse where the first, last, or other letters in a line spell out a secret word – and ours spells S-P-O-O-K-Y.

This brain-boosting activity has several educational treats:

  1. Words, Words, Words: Writing an acrostic poem is like going on a word treasure hunt, helping kids expand their vocabulary.
  2. Creativity Cauldron: Conjuring lines for each letter stirs up creative thinking and imaginative expression.
  3. Penmanship Potion: The magic of poetry helps children improve their writing skills and comprehension, casting a spell of love for language and literature.

To scare up some inspiration, take a peek at our Spooky Halloween Stickers as well to decorate the poem with. You just need to join our premium site for free, and you can download them.

2. Halloween colouring sheet

Next, we’ve got a Halloween colouring sheet with a few fabulous Halloween characters included within it.

It is simple, but every effective. And don’t be fooled – this isn’t just a fun pastime. It’s a powerful tool that:

  • Sharpens focus and concentration,
  • Brews up hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and
  • Conjures creativity and self-expression.

So, grab your favorite magic markers and give Clarence some colour.

If you like this colouring me have some more Halloween antics for you to get involved in as well. Check out the Halloween colouring in sheets, as well as our cute Halloween colouring book which you can download if you join our premium free site for only £5.95. We also have a Day of the Dead coloring book too.

Finally, if you are looking for activities for a Halloween party, and printing these colouring sheets is just the start, don’t forget to check out our Halloween Photo Props to add an extra pinch of fun to your Halloween festivities.

3. Design your own pumpkin

Finally, we’ve got a ‘Design your own pumpkin’ printable that’s sure to carve out a good time. This activity lets your little monsters flex their creative muscles and design skills. Help our purr-fectly awesome cat, Clarence, to design his own pumpkin.

It’s a spook-tacular way for kids to:

  • Develop spatial awareness and understanding of shapes,
  • Learn about planning and executing a design, and
  • Boost their creative juices.

So let your kids turn their pumpkin dreams into reality with this bewitching printable!

To download all these printable, sjust click on the image or the button below, and they are yours for free:

In this image, a person is writing an acrostic poem about Halloween using the letters of the word "Halloween".

These printables aren’t just Halloween activities; they’re a magic carpet ride to a world of learning and fun! They spark creativity, enhance literacy, and cultivate a love for learning. So why wait? Swoop into the Halloween spirit with Clarence the cat and these boo-tiful printables.

If these aren’t enough for you, we have literally LOADS of other ideas both on our premium site for Halloween – why not check these two out below?

The image is of a banner with the words "KiddyCharts 2021 Halloween Party Buntings" for a Halloween party hosted by KiddyCharts in 2021.
Children are celebrating Halloween by wearing crowns and using the KiddyCharts app in 2021.

Remember, the magic of Halloween is all about creativity, imagination, and learning – and our free printables are here to make sure your kids experience all three. Have a fang-tastic Halloween, explore all our Halloween kids resources on the site if you get the chance. There is something spooky and Halloween-y for everyone.

Halloween printables on KiddyCharts

We LOVE Halloween - so we have loads of printables for you that work perfectly for this season. Why not take a look at some of them now?

There are other ideas off site too of course:

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Loads more printables for you to check out with a Halloween theme. Hopefully you will find more inspiration for your Halloween seasonal activities here too.

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Thanks for visiting us, and we hope you like the Halloween acrostic poem, and Halloween worksheets. If you do, drop us a line and let us know!

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