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Free New Year family game

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We have a lovely little New Year Family game for you all today, to hopefully help make New Year a little more fun for you. This is a printable game of New Year Charades, and you can all have a go at it.

Free New Year Family Game

What is charades?

This is a traditional, time-honoured family game, played the world over in times of seasonal celebrations; but Christmas and New Year in particular of course.

The word charade actually means:

“An absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance”

Google definition

Given this, it is no surprise that the aim of the game Charades is to act out particular words an phrases (so pretending), to try and get the others involved in the game to guess what it is that you are trying to act out! Usually, the ideas are specific words, or they can be TV programs, films, books, or famous people, depending on what rules you decide to have for the game.

Family Game

In our New Year game of charades, we have given you a few different cards to choose from including a number of words for you to try and act to the teams involved.

New year game: Balloons and champagne

The first set of charades are all focused on some of the rather lovlier parts of celebrating:

  • Balloons,
  • Parade,
  • Sparklers,
  • Times Square,
  • Fireworks, and
  • Kiss.

We do hope that you manage to get some safe celebrations in this year. But if you don’t – let’s celebrate in the charades game instead?

New Year Games

Midnight and magic

One of the most magical parts of new year is the magic associated with the approach of midnight, some of the next sheet of charades reflect this. Don’t forget those party hats!

  • Party hat,
  • Karaoke,
  • Black tie,
  • Midnight,
  • Host, and
  • Hourglass.
Free Game

Time for New Year

The final sheet of ideas for the New Year charades game include s few new ideas cover time, and celebrations. Do you like wearing a spot of sequin sparkle each year?

  • Calendar,
  • Clock,
  • Resolution,
  • Bonfire,
  • Sequins and finally,
  • Champagne!
Free Family Games

What a fabulous New Year game this should be for you all; we hope you have loads of fun, whatever it is that you are going to be doing this year. Wherever you are, stay safe and well too 🥰 🍾

To download this, just click the image below – it’s circular so it’s easier to find.

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