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Easy firework craft for New Year and beyond

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We are preparing for New Years Eve celebrations with the children today by making these firework craft. We’ve made two different types of artwork; one with paint and one with glitter. You can choose to just do one or make both!

Easy firework craft for kids for New Year and beyond

These are great for learning about colour recognition, for developing fine motor skills and are a great rainy day activity!

To make them you’ll need:
– Paper (black and white)
– Coloured paint
– Empty toilet roll
– Scissors
– Glue
– Glitter

Once you have your supplies here’s how you make them:
1. Get your empty toilet roll and cut a straight line about a third of the way down. Continue making slices around the whole toilet roll. Then ‘fan’ out the edges and you are ready to go. Depending on how many colours you want repeat this with a couple more toilet rolls

2. To make the fireworks using paint simply dip them into the paint and stamp them onto the paper. I’ve used three different colours for this one.

3. To make the glitter fireworks, stamp the toilet roll into the glue and then stamp it onto the black paper. Now sprinkle some glitter over the glue, tip off the excess glitter and you are finished, easy!


We hope you enjoy making these!

Fireworks craft for kids

Simple fireworks craft for kids

Glitter and color fireworks craft for kids

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