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Free kindness activity for World Kindness Day and beyond

This is officially for World Kindness Day, but this Kindness activity could be for anytime of is all about being kind, and taking note of when you are being so to help improve mental wellbeing. It’s perfect for kids, but adults can do it too.

You can keep this kindness diary for a week, this one, or any week. Just record your daily acts of kindness each evening.

How many did you squeeze into your 7 days?

What does the Kindness activity and diary look like?

We have actually got two versions for you, one with cartoon children on for younger kids, and another one without these on.

The one without is more suitable for use by adults and older children; we know that teens in particular aren’t that keen on cartoons!

There are boxes for the days of the week, where you can write what you have done that was kind on that day. You don’t have to write much – just enough to remind yourself what you have been doing.

You will soon find out that…

When is the best time to be kind? EVERYTIME.

What can you do to be kind?

You might be asking what kind of things you might want to include in your diary. So how about these?

  • Giving a compliment,
  • Helping with chores,
  • Taking some cookies to your gran, or
  • Helping your little sister with her reading book.

Why not try and come up with lots of different ways to be kind. You will soon find that it makes you feel just as amazing as the person you are being kind to!

It’s a guaranteed route to happiness; we promise.

Where is this activity from?

This activity is taken from 365 days of kind a quote, affirmation and activity book by children’s therapist Becky Goddard-Hill

365 Days of Kind encourages kids to spread kindness with encouraging quotes, positive affirmations and simple activities – one for every day of the year.

It contains:

  • Inspirational quotes to encourage acts of kindness,
  • Positive affirmations to remind children to be kind to others and themselves, and
  • Simple activities to do throughout the year.

It’s the perfect book to open at the beginning of the day or before bed to help create a positive mindset.

Alongside 365 Days of Kind Becky has also just released 365 Days of Calm and Happy and these cute pocket sized, super colourful hardback books make the loveliest gift idea for kids whose wellbeing could do with a boost.

We really hope that you like this activity – why not check out some of the other Kindness activities that we have on the site while you are here?

Teaching kindness

We have so many resources on kindness - because it IS one of the most important things that we need to teach our children.

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Why not take a look at some of our activities and printables now? We hope to see you soon.


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