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Christmas stationery printable: Includes envelope

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We have a lovely little offering for you as our free and exclusive printable, as part of our free Time to Pee membership. We’ve got some rather lovely Winter or Christmas stationery paper for you to print out now. You can use this for whatever you want, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for how below.

This paper is just uber cute – but don’t take our word for it, let’s take a look.

What does the Christmas stationery looks like

We think that you will love this stationery, with its light blue background (simple to print we hope), and snowy scene. There is even rather a gorgeous little fox and penguin in a wintery scene for you all to see on our paper. The envelope is even more gorgeous, with a little pink bird carrying a sprig of mistletoe.

If you aren’t sure how to use your Christmas stationery paper, how about some of these ideas?

  • Why not combine it with the Elf on the shelf kit we have to create a letter from Santa perhaps? Alternatively, you could get your children to write a little to the Elf on the paper, and perhaps he can use the paper we have included within that kit to write one back?
  • It’s great paper for writing santa letters, we do have santa letter notepaper too, so check that out as well,
  • How about using it to write your thank you letters after Christmas, because the theme is wintry, that would be perfect?
  • If you are in the classroom or homeschooling, you can use the paper as a writing prompt for the kids too? How about getting them to write about some of the characters on the envelope, or on the paper itself? What about thinking about the below – and we are sure you’ve got loads of other ideas as well:
    • What the penguin is up to? What does HE want for Christmas?
    • What would the fox and the penguin want to chat about? Maybe the fox can write a little to the penguin?
    • What is the bird up to on the envelope? Why DOES he have some mistletoe in his mouth?
  • Finally, you can just keep it and print it out to use anytime of year. It’s lovely enough for that, don’t you think?

We think there are plenty of ways to use the paper – so now’s the time to download it. Click on the button below and we will take you to the shop site, and you just need to join the Time to Pee club to download it for free.

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Remember there is a free membership for Time to Pee, so it’ll cost you nothing. Do think about our Premium Time to Pee membership though, as everything in the shop is free then!

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