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2022 calendar printable for kids

We are looking forward to a year of promise, a year where we hope that things will change. However, we are also grateful that some things don’t change. So with great pleasure, we are un-veiling our 2022 calendar now for you ALREADY, so you are well and truly ahead of the game. Why not download the free 2022 printable calendar for kids today? If you came here for the 2023 printable calendar – don’t worry – we have one of those too! We’ve also got a free 2-week calendar as well, so do check out all our organisational resources if you have a moment.

And if you want an editable 2022 version – head over to the shop now!

You can always pop to the shop to buy the 2021 calender that is editable for a mere £1.99, which goes to charity! The 2022 editable calendar is also available now too.

As always we want to make sure you know exactly what you are buying beforehand, so lets run down the 12 months of the year for the kids calendar in 2022 from KiddyCharts. The style is a little different, as we are really wanting to be a bit more colourful, but the sentiment and practicality is the same. There are so many uses for the calendar:

  • Sending out every week to parents with key dates for your school. This is such a cute thing to do,
  • Sending at the start of the month to give your parents something to use to help the kids with their homework,
  • Helping to manage revision,
  • Writing all the key dates in your year down so you don’t forget them,
  • Having a reminder for all the birthday in your family, and for your friends throughout the year.

If you get the free one, add them in by hand, or pay the £1.99 to add them using the computer, and update and change them as things go along, and change.

Life isn’t easy to predict, so why not get the editable 2022 calendar so you are prepared for anything! 😂

January 2022

It’s all about the snow angels in our January 2022 picture for the first month of the year. This is, quite simply, delightful. You can’t fail to be charmed by our first picture of the year in the 2022 calendar.

2022 calendar printable kids

February 2022

In the second month of the year, we are encouraging the kids to get a little arty and creative by painting on the walls. Obviously, they are allowed to be doing this in our scene – perhaps it’s in the art classroom?

Calendar printable kids

March 2022

This month, we have our children just having fun as we enter spring. Here is to hoping that the new season brings lots of joy and smiles to us all.

2022 Calendar

April 2022

We are looking forward to the next wonderful holiday in April – with a simple but pretty Easter basket to bring in the season of bunnies and chocolate for us all.

2022 calendar for kids

May 2022

Throughout 2020, we remembered the importance of our key workers with rainbows and good wishes. We thought it was important to keep remembering into 2022, so for May this year, we have a rainbow as the main image within our calendar.

June 2022

We have something slightly different for June, nearly half way through the year. This time, our main focus us a few of our favourite animals. We hope you like the design.

July 2022

We are into the summer, and so we have taken the family to the beach for the July picture. Summer, sands and beaches; let’s hope we have this to look forward to in 2022.

August 2022

For our August picture, we are celebrating the joy of playing with the kids. It is the summer holidays – we are all hoping that we have more time for this throughout the month of August.

September 2022

It is THAT time of year again when the kids all go back to school, and start to learn – we hope! We have reflected this in our choice of picture for September this year.

October 2022

October and autumn is a beautiful month; much maligned. Leaves crunch, and children run through them. We think it’s magical and we hope you do too.

November 2022

We are almost back to the colder months in the year – and if you are lucky, some of the ice rinks might be popping up across the country as well. They do with us locally anyway….

December 2022

You cannot escape that festive season in December, and who would want to. We are ALL hoping that December 2022 brings LOTS of cheer for one and all.

We hope that you think that these designs are rather delightful, and use the calendar as much as we have enjoyed making it for you all.

To download it, just click on the circular picture we have made for you below

Don’t forget to check out our editable calendars in the shop while you are visiting the site.

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Thanks so much for stopping by.


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