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10 tips for having the best family games night ever

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There is NOTHING quite like getting together as a family for a spot of fun. It is good to be able to sit down together. Perhaps after watching a family show like The Voice that we all like so we are in a good mood. So perhaps you can try this weekend too? Why not gather around the table and then get stuck into one of your favourite board games. It could be the perfect way for a Saturday night to go, don’t you think? We have been challenged, by Giffgaff, who sponsor The Voice, to think of ways we can make a family games night work better.

Why not take a look and see if we can help you have a fabulous evening with the kids, and make some great memories?

10 tips for the best family games night ever

It is easy to forget to make time together as a family; but there is nothing more important for keeping sanity in a household than learning to enjoy each other’s company. Board games, and activities done together as a family help to create memories and bonds that can last a lifetime.

We’ve had a few games nights – so here are the ten things that we have learnt on them in the last few years.

What would you add to these ideas?

Pick a game that works for you all…

monopoly board game

If your family is anything like ours, sometimes something simple can cause a little tension between siblings, or even parents and children. In which case, it is important to pick a game to play that works for you all. Think about the age, abilities, likes and dislikes of those involved and pick something that works for everyone.

It’ll make for a calmer and more relaxing time.

..but, if you can’t pick one – take it in turns

family games night

Do you struggle to pick one game that works for everyone involved? Then why not help to keep everyone involved by letting each of those playing pick one game. If you are going to be playing for a couple of hours, get a few games in, so you’ll all have a turn.

If you have kids who are younger, and older, to make the games where you need to be a little older fairer – why not work together as a team? Pair an adult with a child, or a younger kid with a slightly more patient older one.

Teams are a really great leveller in family game time.

Not everything is a competition

chess board

It IS worth making sure that we all remember that not everything is a competition; so try and keep those competitive tendencies in check. Kids do model our behaviour, so if we get a little bit carried away – you bet they will too.

Family games night should be fun! If there is an argument brewing, and it safe and OK to back down – why not do it? We don’t HAVE to win them all.

Try not to tease too much

There are bound to be situations in a family games night when it seems like a good idea to tease your brother/sister/mum/dad about their performance.

This is a little bit of the family banter. BUT. don’t get so caught up in it all that you don’t read the signs that they might be getting a little upset. If they get tetchy and quiet – back off and distract with something else. No-one wants to upset anyone on family games night.

Put away the tech

person holding mobile phone

If you are always reaching for the phone or the tablet while you are playing – then you are going to find it is a) harder to win (!) and b) annoying for other family members. Pay attention and stay in the moment, so that you can understand what’s going on and have more chance of enjoying yourself too.

Technology is great – but why not focus on the family on family games night, rather than your iPad or iPhone?

Make sure you’ve got fuel

snacks for family games night

We all love a bit of a snack – so make games night even more special by having some nice ones lined up. Get in a take away delivery even, or you could make sometimes cool yourself. What about these homemade malted milk biscuits, or even better some custard creams?!!?

Don’t expect it to be perfect


The important thing is with family is to remember that NOTHING is ever perfect – so don’t build up the night to be too amazing, either to your kids or to yourself.

That way, you won’t be disappointed if you burn the garlic bread, or the toddler has a tantrum because they didn’t win!

Patience is everything

stone stacking

When you are a parent, you sometimes feel that patience is running very, very low. Or that your kids are giving you a test to see just how far they can test your patience. Family games night may give you a few more testing times, but don’t worry – you will all get there.

It might take 3 attempts for the 4-year old to understand the rules for something. But when they do, it’ll be worth it.

Go with the flow.

Don’t forget to get out into the garden too

child reading a book next to her teddy bear

Games don’t all have to be had in the comfort of your own home – there are games that you can play in the garden, or ideas for activities there too. Plenty of toys that you can play with as a family as well. So why not take a look at what’s about, an throw them into the mix as well?

Pick a day when there are no distractions

3 children playing with a tablet

This is kind of obvious – but it still worth mentioning; best to pick a day to have a family games night when there isn’t too much else going on. You really want the family to be focused on the activities, and less worried about the fact that Mum usually phones on a Saturday evening, or there is their favourite show on at 10.30pm so we really do need to be finished by then…

The less distractions for everything, the more fun you’ll have.

We do hope you like these ideas and that if you have a family games night, it works perfectly for you.

If you need more ideas of what you can do with the family; why not take a look at these ideas as well?

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We do hope you love the ideas we have shared with you today, courtesy of Giffgaff. Why not think about what night works best for you, and have a family games night really soon?

If you do like these thoughts – sight up to our weekly newsletter as well – so you always keep up to date with our ideas.

Cheers for coming. And thanks as well.


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