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How to play vintage kids games: Beetles and Five Stones

I find myself filled with nostalgia these days….yearning to play the vintage kids games that I used to play when I was young with my brother, and that are very possibly long forgotten by most. (Note: This article contains affiliate links)

From Cats Cradle, to Five Stones, and Beetles; we used to love just grabbing whatever happened to be lying about the house to create a little bit of excitement. There was none of this instant gratification with highly polished video games, and iPhone selfies! *getting old*

So today, we are sharing a couple of printables with you that have some amazing “old school” games for you on them; two of the ones we mention above, in fact. Beetles and Five Stones are so simple to play, you just need pencil and paper for Beetles. Surprisingly, all you need for five stones is, well five stones ;-)

How to play the vintage kids game: Beetles

This is actually from a great collection of games called 101 Games to play before you grow up, which is a book lovingly illustrated by Walter Foster Jr. and published by Quarto. There are another 100 odd games in this book that will inspire your kids to use their imaginations. From outdoor games, to other games with paper and pencil, to card games that you thought were long forgotten! Every child needs to take a look, so they don’t miss out on some important vintage games before thei hit 16!

How to play Five Stones; another amazing vintage kids game

Five stones is a game that can be played both inside and out; and because it is so simple, it is a perfect game to teach your children as it literally will keep them entertained pretty much anywhere they happen to be. As long as you have that all important stones. The other great thing about this game is that it teaches your kids wonderful hand eye co-ordination as well. It has stood my little boy in good stead for his later obsessions with cricket and netball.

Why not have a bash at both of these, and take a look at the book too (RRP £8.99). There are a number of other books in the same series that are worth checking out too:

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Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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lisa bradburn

Friday 6th of April 2018

Two great vintage games, that I remember playing as a child. Brings back fond childhood memories!!! Still as fun and popular with kids of today - my children love playing both of these.

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