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Top 10 outdoor toys for your kids to enjoy this summer

outdoor toys

With the summer holidays almost upon us (and already here for some kids around the country), we thought now would be the perfect time to give you our Top 10 guide to the best outdoor toys available for 6-10 year olds.  We like the idea of encouraging our young people to play outside as much as possible and, whilst we have had some glorious weather so far over the past couple of weeks, we remain in hope that the next 6 weeks will be just as sunny .. well we do have to dream don’t we? So, what have we included in our top ten garden toys?  We have covered some great classics such as swingball and added something for the young astronaut. If you are after pretend play toys, do take a look at our article covering these as well.

The image is an advertisement for "10 of the best outdoor toys this summer for 6-10 year olds," featuring illustrations of slides, a flying disc, and a basketball.

How diverse is that?  Without further ado, here they are:

1. Wild Sling 3 Man Water Balloon Launcher

What kid doesn’t like getting wet? And what better way to cool down with friends in the garden than with this fabulous water balloon launcher! With 150 balloons supplied (spare balloons are available) and a 3 man launcher, you are sure to hit your target with precision.  Although the age guide for this is 16+, your 10 year old would also love to play one images (probably with supervision and we can’t be held responsible for any injuries, or excessive wetting!)

2. Discraft UltraStar

Remember the frisbee?  This is a new, updated version of that disc we would toss to each other as kids in the hope you would get the aim right for your friends to catch it.  This freestyle disc has a contoured grip for easy throwing and catching.  Perfect for the garden, beach or down at the park.

3. Nerf Super Soaker Double Drench

Another ‘toy to get you soaked’!  Nerf guns are extremely popular amongst kids now and they will love even more this Super Soaker! Holding more than 27ozs water, you blast from up to 30 feet.  Is your garden that long? With a double blaster, your opponent has absolutely no hope of staying dry.  Best get those towels ready ;-)

4.  Swingball Classic

This is an all time classic that doesn’t wilt with age.  I remember these from when I was but a young thing and would spend hours in the garden hitting the ball backwards and forwards.  The great thing about this is, you don’t have to have a partner, you can get a good right arm workout (unless you are left handed and then a left arm workout would be just as good!) by trying to stop the ball getting to either the top or the bottom.  You can even take this down to the beach for hours of entertainment.

5.  Brookite Skybird Kite

Flying a kite is another endless classic garden/park/beach toy.  This is a hugely improved take on kite flying.  This unusual looking kite is a cross between crow and a parrot.  It’s easy to assemble and to fly, needing very little parental input at all so you can still sit with your feet up while the kids are out having fun.

6.  Original Stomp Rocket

Do you have a budding astronaut in the family?  Get their imaginations running with this stomp rocket.  You just need to jump onto the launchpad to send the rocket up to 400 ft in the air.  It comes with 3 rockets and I would advise tat you launch this with plenty of room around just in case one lands so far that you lose it.  Worry not though, refill packs are available ;-)

7.  Intex Pool Volleyball Game

We couldn’t leave a pool game out of our Top 10 so we have included this volleyball game.  Perfect for pool parties, especially if you have children with a party during the summer and you want to do something different.  This game is only suitable for a pool and should not be used in the garden.

8.  Traditional Garden Games Rounders Set

A great game for all the family or for the friends that ultimately always end up in your garden because you have the coolest toys (as well as the coolest mum!)  This game comes complete with 4 stakes, 1 bat and 1 ball and nicely packed in a canvas bag which promises to give you a fun packed afternoon of laughter (as well as exercise)

9.  Giant Snakes and Ladders

A giant take on a small game!  This game is a combination of Snakes and Ladders as well as Tangled.  The pack comes complete with a giant dice, playing mat and packed in a box.  However, counters are not provided so you would need to find something suitable to use.  We did find that the mat is quite durable so should last a long time.

10. HQ Calypso 2 stunt kite

I know we have already covered kites but I thought this one also earnt its place in our Top Ten. This makes for a super stunt kite for both beginners and the more advanced user.  Strong with ease of control the sail is made from ripstop polyester whilst the rods are made from lightweight carbon/fibreglass.  This kite is practically unbreakable and comes ready to fly!

That concludes our top ten list of great outdoor toys for 6-10 year olds.  Do you think we have missed anything off?  What would make your top ten?

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Monday 2nd of May 2016

I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR WORK !!YEAH DATS TRUE U DID A GREAT JOB .to take parts in outdoor activities is very necessary for children's and also benificial for them.... tahks for posting such a great article .

Joel Chew

Friday 29th of April 2016

Hi, you did a great job. To spend time outside the door with fun and enjoyable activities is good for kids. They will do it by passion and theyโ€™ll get something new everyday.

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