Final Consonant Speech Development


Learning to read and encouraging speech alongside this, has always been something that we hold dear in the KiddyCharts family; in fact we have been involved in charity campaigns to help insure that as many people as possible can read by the time their reach seven.

A critical element of helping a child to find their speech and reading feet is parental support, and the book that we are reviewing today provides great assistance in this.

First Words: A Focus on Final Consonants is designed to help children with their early speech development, as well as developing a love for books that can help with early reading. Early on in their lives, younger children can struggle with the final consonant sounds, with “ee” beat said instead of “eat” and “bo” rather than “boat”.

Focus on consonants

With wonderful illustrations of everyday words, and a parental guide at the beginning of this book, you can encourage your child to overcome this, or even help to develop their final consonants with less fuss.

The words chosen for the book are simple, and because they are repeated a number of times on the page and then placed into context, this gives an opportunity for the child to join in, if they want to.

The bright colours used are an aid to focusing the child as well, they aren’t just pretty!

The guidance at the beginning for parents is excellent, and will help anyone with understanding how the book is to be used to help their children.

Overall, this book seems like a great way to encourage your child to speak and to enjoy the act of reading. My only query would be that it is currently on Amazon for £6.09 new, which is probably a little bit higher than I would have expected.

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