Infant reflux: Victoria and her little man...
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Reflux in infants: A mother’s instinct…

Victoria Wilkinson is a mum of three children under the age of 4 years. Previously a Nursery Nurse, but since having her children loves being a stay at home mum. Her blog is Love Being a Mummy. Today she writes for us about reflux in infants, and how her instinct about her little boy was […]

by Guest Blogger • February 21, 2013
Pyloric Stenosis: My little boy suffered but it was missed...
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Could it be Pyloric Stenosis…?

This week, we have Debbie Johnson from as a guest blogger. She has a three year old daughter, and two year old twin boys – they’re English, she’s Welsh and she lives near the sea in South Wales. She is talking about her little boy’s diagnosis with Pyloric Stenosis which happened at 10 weeks. This […]

by Guest Blogger • February 14, 2013
Silent reflux in babies: Eli happy asleep on daddy
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Silent reflux in babies: Why won’t anyone listen to me?

Last week we had a hearth-breaking tale from Emmy’s Mummy about her little boy Harry and his struggle with silent reflux, this week we have another tale from another mum who had to battle to get a diagnosis for her little one. Jess McGlynn is mummy to Meg (3) and Eli (1) and blogs at My […]

by Guest Blogger • February 7, 2013
Silent reflux: Finally they heard Clare, and look what happened...
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Silent reflux: Its not all about the puke…

Our guest blogger today is Clare Nicholas, fully qualified Nanny of 13 years, now living and loving life as a SAHM to Emmy and Harry. Blogging over at for her own sanity. She is giving us an insight into silent reflux, which recently her little boy Harry was diagnosed with. You can see by the picture what […]

by Guest Blogger • January 31, 2013
Infant reflux - newborn, before the trouble started...
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Infant reflux: The crying game

Continuing our series of posts on infant reflux, we have another guest blogger. Susanne Remic is a trained primary school teacher, currently working for Babyhuddle. She is a mother of three and blogs at Ghostwritermummy and is also co-creator of Maternity Matters. She tells the story of her son, who suffered from infant reflux almost […]

by Guest Blogger • January 24, 2013
Baby Reflux: Fi and Betsy - her favourite position was upright after feeds
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Baby reflux is no fun!

On the blog today, we have the second in our series of posts on reflux. Last week, I discussed my experiences of reflux in babies. This week, we have a guest post from Fi Star-Stone, who is a qualified Nursery Nurse with a degree in Childhood and Youth studies and diplomas in Childhood studies and […]

by Guest Blogger • January 17, 2013
Projective vomit in your babies ISN'T normal - here is MY story - I hope it helps some of you to get your docs/peads to listen to you #babies #parenting #reflux #health
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Reflux in babies: Don’t worry, projectile vomit ISN’T normal

  My son is now five years old; he sleeps well, and he’s a relaxed, if slightly manic, little boy. But barely two weeks into his life, it was all very different. He was a reflux baby, and so his early days were far from calm and sleep-filled. He struggled to nap, and when he […]

by Helen • January 10, 2013