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Little star presents….Chatterbox’s 8th birthday at English Heritage’s Wrest Park

Sometimes it sucks being a blogger – this is not one of those times…

I was lucky enough to be paid to review Audley End a few months ago, and at the weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting another English Heritage property for the same purpose: Wrest Park.

To be honest, we visit these wonderful properties up and down the country anyway. We have been members since we first married ten years ago. Reviewing another one of their location wasn’t too much trouble at all, we probably would have been there anyway.

My little girl was celebrating her eighth birthday and what better way of marking the change from this…

Birthday Girl: Wrest Park 4 days

My little girl at 4 days old…


…to this….

Wrest Park for Birthday Trip: 8 years old

Taken at Audley End, another English Heritage property – which we also reviewed…a professional shot, and she looks beautiful…not my baby girl anymore…


…than with a trip on a lovely autumnal day for a spot of lunch, and a lot of fun in the grounds of a gracious pile, and a run about the grounds at Wrest Park.

Set in a small village in Bedfordshire, Wrest Park is, quite simply, a stunning piece of British architecture and landscaping, but in all honesty, all the kids are looking for is a place to run around, jump about, explore, hide, build, admire, roll, scoot, and even climb. Thankfully, Wrest Park has all of those things in spades. There was even a bit of room for silliness too :-D

Upon arriving, its a bit difficult to drag the kids away from the playground that greats you opposite the visitor centre, but don’t hang about, there is far too much to see to spend too much time here. We managed 20 minutes at the end, and we didn’t even go in the house. The extensive grounds include lawns, a pavilion, a long lake, a cave, an Orangery, a bowling green house and that playground.

The only disappointment in the day was the choice of hot food in the cafe; but we went out to eat and found The Raven at Hexton, just up the road was rather good, so we weren’t wholly totally upset….look at my dessert – well worth the trip out!

Dessert: The Raven

There was so much to see and do in Wrest Park, we didn’t manage everything in the time we were there….



Stuntboy was happiest running and playing football on the ample lawns…



Wrest Park - Jump

Both the Stomp Rocket and the playground provided plenty of chance to jump…



Wrest Park: Explore

There was so much to see and do, not least the Pavilion which had lots of little doors and staircases for little people to climb up and down…


Hide (well pop out)


Stuntboy kept finding things to hide behind, and then pop out from behind…usually with a silly expression on his face *don’t know where he gets that from*



The Bowling Green House kept the kids entertained for a while constructing replicas of some of the attractions within the gardens…Stunboy made the Archer Pavilion, and the orangery was turned into a wedding by Chatterbox – complete with couple at the front!



The buildings themselves in Wrest Park are beautiful – made even more compelling by the beautiful weather….


The blue sky was stunning against the old stone of the buildings at the park…


The sunshine also meant that the gardens, which are being restored in a 20 year program, looked wonderful too….


The colours within the gardens took your breath away…




One always needs somewhere to roll in a park right? Hills, replica pavilions within the playground, you name it, we roll on it!



Wrest Park: Climb

And if we can’t roll on it, then we are climbing on it, obviously…



Wrest Park: Scoot

We were disappointed that, unlike in Audley End, there were no bikes allowed in Wrest Park. However, problem solved when we found out the scooters were!


Being Silly

Finally, there was a bit of time for silliness in the sunshine….

Wrest park: Being Silly-Alien

Wrest Park: Silly Alien Planet
An amazingly enjoyable day which the kids will remember for a long time…and thanks to this poster on the wall as we left, they are already asking to go back…..



I was paid to write this review by Netmums as part of their campaign for English Heritage. However, all opinions within this post are my own. We really did do all these things, and the kids do want to go back, dressed as pumpkids, annoyingly… ;-)

For more information on joining English Heritage visit

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Coombe Mill - Fiona

Wednesday 9th of October 2013

Such a fantastic day out! Wrest Park looks like a stunning place to visit with lots to see and do. Your photos are beautiful and I hope your little girl had a great birthday. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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