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Moshi Monsters series 8 countdown day 9: Fun with Fitch

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Blinki has run off to capture the next few scenes in his latest movie with Roary Scrawl, so we are going to have to move on to Day 9 of out Moshi countdown without him. This time, please be upstanding for Fitch the Flat-Tailed Fuzzle…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Fitch


He looks a bit like a gofer, beaver, or a racoon, and has, yes – you have guessed it, a flat tail…amazing.

Guess what – he’s another Moshi moshi, just like Blinki before him, but this little guy doesn’t help shoot the movies directly, oh no – he helps the people that are in them get whatever they need. In fact, he helps anyone on the sets get what they desire. Fitch is renowed for his fetching.

Personality: Series 8 has brought us many personalities, but this guy is the most eager. most energetic and most ambitious of the new crowd of moshlings. So watch out, perhaps he is fetching something for you because he has his eye on your job at the movies ;-)

Likes: Riverbanks at Three Bags Full Field, though he lives on the Moshi movies sets

Dislikes: Blockbusters and golf carts; perhaps he is worried they are going to run him over?

Chatterbox thinks he looks a little bit like a squirrel…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Fitch

What do you think? Do you like this latest movie character for series 8? Let us know below.

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