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Through the shutters window craft idea for kids to inspire imaginations

We have a unique idea for you on the site today. It is a simple through the shutters window craft for you to print out and do with the kids. All you need is a bit of glue and the kids imagination, and you have have fun!

The best thing about this window craft is that you can print it out and do it again and again as well. All you’d need is to print out the shutters a few times, alongside the blank window view. Your children can then decide what it is they’d like to see through the shutters every time to take on the craft. You could even get your own inspiration for this from other sites, including on how to decorate your shutters. Perhaps plantation shutter blinds could help a little? There is even a Facebook page set up with loads of photos of views from people’s window to inspire you with that!

This is a collaborative post.

This image is showing a simple craft activity for kids to inspire their imaginations through Shutter Craftin Activity at KiddyCharts in 2023.

How to create your own shutter window craft

This is such a simple idea, but fun for the kids to try out:

  1. To get started, simply print out the first page of the template (labelled with a 1.)
  2. Then, cut out the window and fold along the dotted lines to create the shutters.
  3. Encourage your kids to decorate the shutters however they like – perhaps with their favorite colors or patterns. Get inspiration from the site linked to above, or just an internet search on shutter decoation,
  4. Once the shutters are decorated, it’s time to glue them onto the second page of the template. This is labelled with a 2, of course,
  5. Help your kids position the shutters so they line up with the window on the second page, and
  6. Now for the fun part – draw the view through YOUR shutters! Ask your kids to imagine what they might find through window with shutters like these. Will they be looking out onto a busy street, a quiet park, or even a magical forest? Encourage them to get creative and draw a scene with plenty of detail and richness. Though, of course, the age of the child, will have a bearing on what they can imagine through their particular window.

This is a really lovely craft and wonderful way to encourage your kids’ creativity and imagination, while also helping them develop their fine motor skills.

If your kids aren’t sure what they might see – we have made our own views for you. We have decided we would like a little fairy garden through our window! You can colour our view in, or just print it out for the finished craft.

What does the window craft look like

These are the first three sheets within the crafting activity. There is a cover sheet, and then the two sheets to create the window and the shutters, as per our instructions.

Don’t forget to decorate the back of your shutters before you draw the view from the window.

Our final two pages are the fairy garden views that we decided we would like through our shutters.

What will your children like to see through their window?

In order to download these templates, just click on the button or the image below and they are yours:

Children are participating in a crafting activity to decorate shutters in 2023 at KiddyCharts.

We do hope you like this activity. We do have a wonderful book activity which also has a similar activity within it. Do go check the Our Tower book out, it’s gorgeous!

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Kids are engaging in a crafting activity to make simple window shutters to inspire their imagination.

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