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Win a £375 PODSpop tent sensory pod to help stimulate your child’s senses

We have the most awesome giveaway for you today. We have partnered with PODS Play to give away a £375 sensory pod tent to our readers. Surely you must remember the childhood thrill of building a fort or hiding inside a cozy tent? We all remember loving the comfort and privacy of having our own little hideaway. But did you also know that playing in a tent can also be great for your child’s development Sensory play, in particular, can help stimulate your child’s senses and enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. So what better way to encourage this than with a PODSpop tent?

A website is offering an opportunity to win a sensory tent for kids by visiting their website and entering a contest.

How to enter the competition to win the PODSpop tent sensory pod

There are a number of ways to enter this competition within the widget below, but do scroll down and find out more about the PODS Play product before you enter. It really is fabulous.

Win £375 PODSpop tent for sensory play

Within this giveaway, you can enter to win the sensory pod through:

  • Visiting PODS Play on Instagram: a follow would be nice as well,
  • Following PODS Play on TikTok,
  • Signing up to the PODS Play newsletter by providing us with your email address,
  • Tweeting about the giveaway (we have provided you with a tweet), and
  • Finally sharing your unique link to the competition, and if anyone enters through this then you get an extra giveaway as well.

What are PODSpop tents all about?

A mirror is surrounded by art depicting a "Personnel Only" zone, a fishing pole, and wild animals, with a kiddy chart in the background.

PODSpop is a dynamic sensory tent designed to be an inclusive, supportive solution for children with special needs.

Here are three reasons why this innovative product is a gamechanger:

Enhancing imaginative play

A young person is using a colorful chart to track their progress in learning a new skill.

PODSpop tents enhances early years’ imaginative play, promoting creativity, role-play, and immersive playtime. The interchangeable themes allow for a vocabulary boost and sensory experience, immersing kids in illuminated landscapes, from deep sea to outer space.

Personalised sensory experience

A cartoon person is playing inside a colorful indoor Kiddy& Charts.

PODSpop tents can be a personalised sensory pod space to call their own, providing a safe and comfortable environment for kids. Its removable memory foam pad and new removable door add extra comfort and a bit of snug, personalised privacy for sensory needs.

Even the adults can join in

A young child is happily coloring a kiddy chart hung on the wall of an indoor room.

Finally, PODSpop allows parents or adults an opportunity to join in and relax with the kids, as there are no height limits. It is perfect for relaxation and computer gaming, giving an interactive experience like no other.

Key features of the PODSpop tents:

Here are some of the key characteristics of these amazing sensory pod products for you to take a look at in more detail:

  • Introducing PODSpop: Instant Fun in Just 3 Seconds!
  • Our lightweight (3.5kg) yet incredibly sturdy Spring Steel frame pops up effortlessly, providing a solid base for even the most energetic kids.
  • Experience sensory delight with remote-controlled lighting – choose from color-changing options or a solid hue.
  • Customize your adventure with interchangeable graphics and themes.
  • Unlock the world of themed digital content with access to our exclusive PODSplay app.
  • Enhance the fun with the included Bluetooth speaker, perfect for playing themed audio files.
  • Enjoy ultimate comfort with the removable memory foam mat.
  • Durable and bite-proof material – easy to remove and hand wash.
  • Collapse your PODSpop in just 3 seconds, and pack it away in 90 seconds into its convenient carry bag.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use (weather permitting).
  • Dimensions: 130cm wide x 120cm deep x 135cm High.
  • Accommodates 1-3 children or up to 1 adult and 2 children.
  • Take your PODSpop anywhere – on the road, in the air, or even to outer space!
  • Space-saving design (1.1m2) makes PODSpop ideal for any room in the house.
  • Energy efficient – no power needed for playtime; low voltage (24v) lighting costs just £0.01 per hour (based on current energy rates).
  • Proudly designed and assembled in Britain.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.
A person is admiring a piece of art indoors with a person beside their.

We think you will agree these are amazing – so do enter before the giveaway closes which is on Thursday 5th July, at 11.59pm. Note that this is for UK only as well.

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Thanks for stopping by and visiting us as always.

This image is promoting a contest to win a sensory tent for kids by visiting a website.

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Ian Twining

Monday 3rd of July 2023

I would love this for my 4 month old Grandson who is already advance in reaching for things and gets engrossed watching things

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