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DIY Cork boats: Sail away with this simple homemade craft

We love encouraging the kids outside, and today we are sharing these fabulous homemade DIY cork boats with you. A super-simple and incredibly fun outdoor activity that’s perfect for children—cork boat races! This delightful craft is not only easy to make but also offers numerous benefits for your child’s development. Let’s dive into how to create these charming cork boats and explore three reasons why this craft is excellent for kids too.

In this image, children are being encouraged to learn how to make cork boats, which is an easy craft for kids.

This is actually a craft from a fabulous new book as well – so before we dive in, do check out the Playful Wonders book from Katie Still too. There are loads more craft ideas within this book, including the story stones ideas craft we shared with you last week.


  • Corks
  • Elastic bands
  • Triangular pieces of paper
  • Washi tape (or coloring pens)
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Bathtub, tray of water, or puddle
  • Straw (optional)


1. To start, arrange three corks in a row and secure them with elastic bands on both ends.

A helping hand is reaching out from a bright sun to a smiling child in a Kiddy@Charts illustration.

2. Create a sail by decorating a triangular piece of paper with washi tape stripes or colourful patterns using colouring pens. Attach the sail to a cocktail stick to form the mast.

A smiling child holds a colorful pencil and paper, surrounded by a variety of school supplies, illustrating Kiddy Charts' mission to provide a helping hand for young learners.

3. Gently insert the mast into the middle cork, and your cork boat is ready to set sail!

A young child is happily playing with a colorful set of 100 building blocks on a wooden chair.

4. Place the boats in a bathtub, tray of water, or even a puddle outside. Encourage kids to blow wind into the sails using a straw to propel their boats.

A colorful array of finger food desserts and snacks are displayed on a table indoors.

Remember, adult supervision is essential when handling sharp objects like cocktail sticks and playing with water.

Why cork boat races are great for kids

  1. Enhances creativity: Designing and decorating the sails allows children to express their creativity and personalise their boats,
  2. Develops fine motor skills: Assembling the boats and manoeuvring them during races helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and
  3. Encourages problem-solving: Experimenting with different sail designs and boat weights challenges kids to think critically and adapt their strategies to make their boats sail faster.

Cork boats and races are an enjoyable and educational outdoor activity that children will love. Not only is this craft easy and entertaining, but it also contributes to your child’s overall development. So gather your materials, head outdoors, and let the fun-filled cork boat races begin!

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This diagram illustrates the concept.

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