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Under the sea battleship craft

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Battleships is an old favourite, everyone knows it and everyone plays it. Submarine Day is upon us, so to celebrate, we came up with a funky DIY version of the game as a battleship craft, using a yellow submarine and some other very fishy little characters. :-)

Would you like to make a battleship craft with the kids? This is a grat under the sea theme for you, and so simple to make as well. Why not give it a go, and then do some more themes as well?


  • 8 or 16 good sized stones (preferably matching sizes in pairs),
  • Deco pens, glitter glue, paints and anything else you want to decorate your stones with,
  • 2/3 sheets of paper or card,
  • Sellotape,
  • A foldable or 2 chess boards. You can get a foldable chess board from Amazon; including these from House of Marbles, or this one here.
  • BluTack.


1. Wash your stones in water and dry them off. Set up some newspaper or scrap paper on the surface you are going to paint them on, so it doesn’t get messy! When they are dry, lay them out and pair them up. This will give you your two sets of ‘battleships’.

stones for battleships

2. Decorate your underwater battleships anyway you want. Make sure you include a submarine though, as this is the theme for our post. We went for a Yellow submarine of course. Acrylic paints work well, as do glass and porcelain pens. Glitter glue is a must! ;-)

Here’s some ideas for how to decorate the stones for your battleship craft:

  • Submarine,
  • Pirate ship/boat,
  • Seaweed/coral,
  • Octopus or other sea creatures,
  • Ships’ wheel,
  • Diver,
  • Nemo and Dory, and
  • Shells.

This is some of the ways that we decorated the stones for the battleship craft we did. Perfect for the under the sea theme, but you can do anything you want here really...

As you can see we had a lot of fun decorating all of our “battleships”….
decorating stones battleships

decorating stones battleships 2
all of the stones together bttleships
3. When you’re done, leave them to dry and set up your battleships board. A chess board, or other squared games board works well. If you have a foldable one, you can sellotape a few pieces of paper together and slot it into the gap where the hinges are. You can even make it into your own watery scene, just as we have done here. If you are using two boards, slot a piece of cardboard between them so no-one can cheat ;-) You can also use chalk to draw a board on the ground, or make one out of paper. If you do this, you can mark where you want to put your battleships on your side of the paper screen.battleships board pic

battleships board pic from top
battleships background

4. When you’re done split the pairs of stones, and you’re ready to play! You can use BluTack to pin the squares the other player has correctly guessed. If you aren’t sure how to play, then do check out these battleship instructions.

You might also want a piece of paper to keep track of where you have already guessed your opponents stones are as well; just in case your memory is as bad as mine ;-)


We hope you like this idea, it’s perfect for a rainy day, and shouldn’t take too long to make either.

We have lots of other great ocean-themed activities for you too, including making a snorkel mask to continue with the under sea theme. If neither of these is to your liking, why not take a look at our collection of ocean activities as well?

This post is part of a Submarine blog hop – so please do nip over to the other posts that are featuring these fabulously, fun vehicles! And if you’d like to join in, come and link up your posts too below. We hope you like our submarine battleship craft, and all the others too.

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This post was written by Zoe Kelly, the daughter of one of my friends, when she spent a day working with me for her work experience. She did all the craft, and most of the pictures herself, with only a little tweaking here and there from myself. Who said the youff of today weren’t creative? Don’t you just love the internet….

The post also contains affiliate links.

Zoe was born in 2002 and is a teen drama queen. She lives with her family, including two sisters where she tries to be the responsible one *mostly*

thi cong da hoa cuong

Monday 4th of April 2016

Great creative ideas for kids to learn painting, create something they like and have fun.We hope you like this idea, it’s perfect for a rainy day, and shouldn’t take too long to make either.

thi cong da hoa cuong

Monday 4th of April 2016

Great creative ideas for kids to learn painting, create something they like and have fun.


Monday 14th of March 2016

Great creative ideas for kids to learn painting, create something they like and have fun.

Niki - Play & Learn Every Day

Thursday 10th of March 2016

This is such a fantastic idea, and so very creative and well done :)

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