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Cardboard box crafts: A snorkel mask with a view

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Who wants to make an amazing cardboard craft - well here you go, a snorkel mask with an ocean view...why wouldn't your kids want one?

As its now April, we are back with the lovely Bostik, and a craft from a collection of materials sent by them through Craft Merrily. We have the theme of the Ocean to play with this month. After a little bit of encouragement, we came up with the rather cute idea for a wee ocean scene to make using a simple cardboard box.


  • Cardboard box (about A4 size)
  • Paint; blue, green and purple, but your choice of colour to paint your box
  • Blue glitter
  • Foam sea shapes
  • Wooden sea shapes
  • Shells
  • Small sponge
  • Blue Pritt Stick
  • Micro dots
  • Green cellophane
  • Scissors


1. Cut off all of flaps from your cardboard box

Simple basic bardboard box crafts - mins the lid bits and bobs we can actually work with it!

2. Paint the back of the box blue/green, and then around the edges the colour your would like your snorkel

We are painting our cardboard box craft now - its upside down at the moment, but do you get the idea?!?

As you can see from this picture, we actually did the painting after the kids were let loose on the scene – but that was because they were rather keen. I think it is definitely better to get the painting done first if you can.

3. Use part of one of the flaps from the cardboard box to create a nose piece for your snorkel and add this to your box

4. Glue this into the middle of the bottom long side of your cardboard box using Pritt, and/or sticky dots

5. Cut around your nose piece to create the basic snorkel shape

This is the snorkel shape that you are aiming for with your cardboard box - its not to hard to achieve honest!

6. Paint your nose piece in the same colour as the rest of your snorkel, carefully avoiding adding the same colour to the sea!

7. Add your scene to the back of the box to make your ocean view; you can really let the kids do whatever they want here – we let them choose whatever they fancied, and add them in as they felt was right. Clearly not in perspective, but it was so much fun making it, it doesn’t matter!

Part of the fun with this cardboard box craft is to let the kids go wild with their imagination making the scene through the snorkel - do let them at it!

8. There you have it – your snorkel mask with a view; and all you really need is a cardboard box and your imagination!

We were sent the ocean themed items by Bostik in order to complete a craft, but the ideas are our own – so is the snorkel now too!


Saturday 25th of April 2015

Very cute idea. great way to get the kids creative. thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty


Thursday 16th of April 2015

I really love this, it's brilliant!

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