Find out how Top Cat and his gang started; Top Cat Begins

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Top Cat was my favourite program as a kid, and now there is a Top Cat movie - a movie, just so awesome! *stops running around screaming...

OMG – a Top Cat movie. Could there be anything better? Who doesn’t remember Office Dibble, and THAT phone and dustbin….

As you can see, there is much excitement in the KiddyCharts home at the moment because someone they love is finally going to be up on the big screen from May 27th in Top Cat Begins – and I’m happy because that does at least mean that for ONE DAY within the holidays, I won’t be worrying what the hell I am going to do with the kids…

So yes, it is true…


There isn’t a child of the eighties that doesn’t remember Top Cat, alongside leg warmers, and RaRa skirts, TC is an icon of the eighties. However, unlike many of the reruns that seems to abound of those favourite cartoons from when I was getting my knees dirty, the new version of the show doesn’t make me want to throw the TV set out of the window.

All your favourite characters are still here, they have just been given a little bit of a naughties make over…Benny the Ball is still…well, Benny the Ball. That cat has his own inimitable style, right? Top Cat the Movie wouldn’t be the same without Benny, Choo Choo, Fancy-Fancy and Brain, as well as Officer Dibble. There are all your other favourite Top Cat characters. Which one did you like the best?

It is going to be a pleasure to continue to share my childhood with my kids through this film, and I very much hope they have the same affection for Top Cat and all his chums that I do. We have already shared the TV programs with them thanks to the wonderful YouTube Kids.

If you have ever wondered how the TC Gang of misfits, and crazy cats was put together, then this is the move for you. It goes right back to how it all started, and recounts the “tail” of how TC put together his infamous Top Cat gang. This Top Cat movie really does go back right to the beginning.

Now that is a story I can’t wait to hear….

Who doesn't want to know how the Top Cat gang all started...everyone needs to know this right? Well watch Top Cat Beings the new Top Cat movie and you find out!

Do you have any Top Cat memories? Can’t wait for the Top Cat movie just like us, then do check out news of the film on the #TopCatBegins twitter feed. Keep watching!

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