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How to make story stones: 10 Story stones ideas to get you started too

If you are a parent, educator or school looking for an engaging and innovative craft activity that the whole family can enjoy together, then look no further – our Story Stones craft is here!

A child is holding a set of star-shaped stones, which can be used to create stories.

Story Stones allow children’s imaginations to run wild with creative ideas as they transform ordinary pebbles into art. And best of all? All you need are some paint, rocks/pebbles and your imagination! With just a few simple steps, kids will soon be churning out their very own masterpieces in no time at all. So why not give it a try today and unleash your inner artist?

Unleash your child’s imagination by making story stones, a fun activity that encourages creativity and promotes cognitive development! This is actually an activity from an awesome book, so do check the book out as well:

In the image, DK Katie is demonstrating easy and fun sensory play activities for children.

Playful Wonders

Get creative with everyday household items! This incredible activity book is perfect for imaginative kids aged 3-5, featuring over 45 engaging sensory play ideas. Each fun craft has easy-to-follow instructions and teaches important skills like letter recognition, colour identification, and so much more!

So many fabulous ideas for the kids, including our awesome story stone.

Check this out for loads more fun with the kids with items that you won’t have to go out and get specially.

Materials for your story stones

  • Stones of various shapes and sizes, which you can find in your garden, on a beach, or you can even get these on Amazon believe it or not
  • Paints or coloring pens,
  • Small basket or bag, and
  • Storybooks for inspiration.

How to make your story stones

Follow these steps to create your own fabulous story stones:

1. Go outside with a grown-up and find interesting stones, preferably flat-ish ones, that are all unique.

A cluster of rocks stands together.

2. Use your favorite colors to paint characters from your favorite books, animals, or anything else that sparks your imagination!

A spoon and a bowl of food.

3. Once you finish painting your stones, place them into the basket or bag and get ready to play.

A variety of dice display a range of colors.

4. Take out the first stone and create an original story based on the image you painted. Let your imagination run free and decide what happens next as you select additional stones.

A person is pointing to a series of charts to illustrate their point.

As you make your stones, try adding sensory elements to your story by incorporating sounds, such as a wave’s splash or buzzing insect. Have fun and remember to involve a grown-up!

This activity is not only entertaining, but also beneficial for your child’s development. It stimulate creativity, supports fine motor skills, and develops problem-solving skills. So, let’s start creating and see what stories your child is capable of inventing.

10 story stones ideas for you to play with

A collection of rocks.

Are you ready to ignite your child’s imagination and creativity? Look no further than these stones. These magical little rocks are an excellent tool for parents and teachers to inspire storytelling and active play in children aged 3 – 7. Here are 10 fantastic ideas for how to use your newly made story stones:

  1. Set up a sensory bin with sand or beans and hide the stones within. Challenge your child to find a stone and then incorporate it into their storytelling,
  2. Use the stones to teach basic concepts like colors, shapes, and animals. Have children sort the stones into different categories then invent a story featuring each group,
  3. Create a game of “roll the story” by painting each story stone with a different character or object. Roll the stones and create a story featuring the elements that appear,
  4. Create a DIY board game using story stones as the game pieces. Children can move their stones around the board and collect other stones to incorporate into their storytelling,
  5. Use the stones to spark imaginative play. Children can pretend the stones are treasure or magical talismans that give them special powers,
  6. Hold a storytelling circle where each child takes turns incorporating a story stone into their tale.
  7. Paint the stones with seasonal or holiday themes to create festive storytelling fun,
  8. Offer a creative writing prompt for older children by having them write a story that features all the story stones in their set,
  9. Incorporate story stones into a nature walk by collecting stones and painting them with natural images like leaves and flowers, and
  10. Make a storytelling jar by filling a jar with different stones. Children can randomly select stones and create a story featuring each one.

The possibilities are endless with our story stones; they really are Get your child’s creative juices flowing with this simple and versatile tool.

A handmade craft of a cartoon rabbit surrounded by baby toys celebrates Easter.

We hope you love these story stones as much as we do – do sign up to the site if you do:

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Thanks for visiting us, and we do hope we can see you again soon as well.

Children are creating story stones by using ideas from to get their imaginations moving.

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