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Tea candle craft: Decorating glasses #31daysofactivities

We have Techie Kids guesting on the site today in our 31 Days of Activities, with a simple tea candle craft for you to try out with the kids. Don’t forget to check out all the other posts in the event as well.

Tea candle craft

Tea candles have always been a part of our lives. From the plain ones to scented and coloured varieties, we have lighted one for different moods and seasons. Not only is it for warming up tea, or heating scented oil, they are great for decorating to complement other items around the house.

Often, we crafted tea candle glasses to give out as tokens to friends. The kids enjoy this activity as much as I do. And they get really happy seeing the finish product later on. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to decorate your own tea candle glasses.

Tea candle craft and what you need to start

What you will need:

  • Clear, small glasses (in which a tea-candle would fit)
  • Tea candles
  • Window color gels
  • Wet tissue (to wipe off colors from hands)
  • Smock/s


Work in a safe area, and make sure that no lighters are within children’s reach. Wear smocks.

Tea candle craft paints used on glass
  • Squeeze the gel on glass, make patterns, dots, or draw anything. Just make sure that the glass is held properly so the gel won’t get wiped off or stuck on fingers.
Tea candle craft fun for all the family
  • Use different colours alternately. Pause for about two minutes to let the gel dry up a little before adding in another colour. This will minimise the risk of wiping the colour off or mixing them with other colours even at the tip.
Tea candle craft dotted glass decoration
  • Set aside and have the gel cool completely. The gel might drip a little but that’s ok.
  • Wipe off rogue gels to make a consistent look. Also wipe off colors from hands if there’s any.
  • Once the glasses dry, put tea candles craft in and light them up carefully.

Now that you’ve finished your tea candle glasses, here are some handy tips regarding safety, gifting, and upcycling.

Be safe when doing tea candle craft

While tea candles don’t drip like taper ones, putting them in glass containers make it safe from being knocked over, blown by the wind, or other untoward incidents. They also keep anything near from warming up and catching fire. Tea candles in glasses will also be safe from curious, smallish fingers when you are not looking.

Never leave candles burning, matches or lighters lying around, to keep your young ones safe. Flicking candles are to kids as moth to a flame.

Personalised gifts

Yes, there are a lot of pretty tea candle glasses, jars, fancy holders you can just buy. But doing it yourself puts a personal touch and lots of thoughts that the receiver would truly appreciate. As mentioned above, we have made several designs and given them out as a souvenir or gift.

You can recall what the person you are giving gifts to like or enjoys and incorporate it in your glass designs. For example, a cutout of a cat for a catlover, plants for plantmoms, and so on. This will show them how much you know them and care about them.


You can make tea candle glasses from old jars or glasses, even empty candle jars you don’t need anymore. After cleaning up the jars, you can make use of many other materials to beautify them. One popular design aside from window colors would be knitted pieces that you can adorn the jars around with.

Making kids see that items can be used again is a conscious effort we should try to implement regularly. Upcycling glasses and jars may be a small step but it’s a good start to becoming green.

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