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Self awareness-activities for kids: I am a poem

We have been sharing with you a lovely kids mental health series that goes hand in hand with the book Daniel’s Dream by Leanne Brown. The book is a wonderful resource for parents and educators alike as it shares what we can do to help our kids deal with mental health issues like stress and anxiety with self-awareness activities and how we can put those things into practice. We have a lovely resource from the book today that we will take a look at shortly. But before you go to the download remember to visit Leanne’s site where you can also get the full digital resource pack for only £9.50. You can also sign up for the mental health series here, and we’ll send you details of it too.

Let’s take a look at the free printable that we have for you in this lovely series.

Self awareness-activities for kids: I am a poem

I Am Poem – Is a great self-awareness activity

The I Am Poem is a lovely poem that allows kids to describe themselves in their own words. It helps kids think about who it is that they are as people and how they see themselves. This is very important as perhaps they don’t always think about their abilities and virtues.

Here’s the self awareness sheet for you to have a peek at.

Self awareness-activities for kids

As you can see, the sheet is so simple but effective enough to get a dialogue going. As you can see if you have been following the series, these sheets can be used to guide our kids to be more communicative and speak more freely about themselves. Or they can allow us to let kids silently work through the sheets and let us see more into what their thoughts and feelings have been later.

Perhaps they may have a bad impression of themselves and their thoughts may be misplaced. If we know as adults where our kids (our own children or our students) may be lacking find out how to help them. Or better yet, this can actually educate us into the inner workings of the children.

Your child may feel confident about certain aspects of your personality that you may have not considered. Or maybe there are things that they feel they are lacking in and could use some encouragement in. The purpose of the exercise is to allow kids to open up and share how they view themselves and even help you see what their boundaries are.

Here are the open ended prompts you can find in the poem;

  • I am someone who loves … ,
  • I am someone who hates … ,
  • I am someone who can’t … ,
  • I am someone who can … ,
  • I am someone who will never … ,
  • I am someone who has … ,
  • I am someone who can’t wait to … ,
  • I am someone who would rather … ,
  • I am someone who wishes … ,
  • I am someone who tried to … ,
  • I am someone nobody seems to … ,
  • I am someone who everybody seems to … ,
  • I am someone who just can’t seem to get enough … ,
  • I am someone who doesn’t know how to … ,
  • I am someone who usually forgets to … ,
  • I am someone who never forgets to … ,
  • I am someone who is thankful for … , and,
  • I am someone who will probably end up … .

We love that the poem can be as fun and lighthearted or as serious as your kid wants it to be. And you can always print it out when you want to guage how your kids may be feeling.

We hope it helps, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts in the kids mental health series!

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Self awareness-activities

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