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Roll a Gingerbread Man Game

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We have a few Roll-a printable games on KiddyCharts, including others festive ones such as a Santa and an Angel, but today we are bringing you a slightly different game; a roll-a-gingerbread man game.

Roll a Gingerbread Man Game

How to play the gingerbread man game

This is a really simple game to play, all you need is:

  • Our templates, and accessories,
  • A nice,
  • A little bit of luck.

Every gingerbread man needs to be completed a few different accessories – starting from the top (!):

  • Hat,
  • Face,
  • Scarf or buttons, and
  • Buttons.

We think all the accessories are rather cute, don’t you?

And the gingerbread man does take shape after a few rolls as well – though he does look a little forlorn at first, without all his embellishments.

This is a great game for teaching a few different skills to toddlers, preschoolers, and even younger aged primary children, including:

  • Matching skills,
  • Mathematics, thanks to the dice which they need to count the spots on of course,
  • Fine motor skills,
  • Colours, and
  • General problem solving and comprehension as well

Roll-a games are lovely little ideas for kids, and work so well both at home and in the classroom as a little treat. All of the ones that we have on the site are completely free, but if you do feel like being generous and donating to us, so we can keep giving these away, do help us. We will donate 80%+ profit to charity as well.

DONATE to KiddyCharts causeDONATE to KiddyCharts cause

To download this, just click on the circular image below.

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Gingerbread Man Game

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