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Pumpkin patch memory book

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We have already provided you with a fabulous photo challenge for this traditional Halloween day out; but what about creating a lovely little keepsake for this year, and every year you visit a pumpkin patch? We think that you’ll agree that this is a rather lovely way of documenting how your children change and grow, in one of our favourite seasons.

This is a Time to Pee exclusive printable, so you need to be a member of our Time to Pee club to access this; but it is completely free, and you’ll get access to loads more exclusive printables in your membership area as well. Why not pop on over and take a look?

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This printable consists of nine pages, packed full of fun, and prompts for your kids as they explore their local pumpkin patch. If you haven’t done this as part of your Halloween traditional yet, then where have you been? 😂 The pumpkin patch is fast becoming one of the most important traditions at Halloween. Who knows, maybe it’ll even rival Trick or Treating soon?

Halloween activities and ideas are available throughout our site – it’s one of our favourite times of the year. Check out everything we have, not just our pumpkin patch ideas. We really do have something for everyone on the site.

Pumpkin patch memory book: What’s included

Before you join, we are sure you’d like to see what’s included within the pumpkin patch memory book, so you can decide if it is worth joining for this, and the other goodies that you will get.

We mentioned before that there are nine pages:

  1. Cover sheet,
  2. Information about your family, with a space for a photo,
  3. Photos and details of their favourite activities at the pumpkin patch,
  4. Space for the photos of the pumpkins that you see, from the biggest to the smallest!
  5. Information on the treats that your child might have had at the pumpkin patch; did they have pumpkin pie? If they did, did that like it?
  6. Did your child make any new friends – if they did, make a note on page 6. If they didn’t meet anyone new, perhaps they can write about the scarecrow here? 😂
  7. Photos for the pumpkin patch, including other people enjoying the activities that they have, or maybe some picture of your child’s family having fun,
  8. What was the view like at the pumpkin patch? We all want to see those pumpkins stretching as far as the eye can see, and
  9. A final page for a picture of who your children when to the pumpkin patch with.

Lots of fun ideas, and memories to capture.

Above are the first few pages of the memory book for you, including the cover sheet.

These are the final five sheets for you. As you can see, plenty of color and fun for everyone filling it out.

To download the memory book, just click on the red button below, and visit our shop, then join the Time to Pee club, and go to the account section to see all the goodies that you can download from now on.

If you need help, feel free to contact us as well. It’d be amazing if you found the time to check out our shop as well; we are a social enterprise, so 51%+ of our profit goes to charity.

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