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How to help your kids to be the perfect clown

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We have been sharing so many clown activities on the site with you thanks to Clowns without Borders. This charity focuses on the healing power of play in children and helps those kids whose lives have been affected by conflict or natural disaster. The charity does wonderful work in helping keeps to smile, even though they might feel like they can’t. Before you take a look at their site, have a look at how you can help your kids become the perfect clown with a little of their help!

How to help your kids to be the perfect clown

What does being the perfect clown entail? Well, there are quite a few steps to follow; steps which we have already shared with you in our previous clown posts. Creating the perfect clown brings all of those elements together to give your kids the final product.

How to help your kids to be the perfect clown

Being the perfect clown

So, how does your kid become the perfect clown? It’s simple!

It’s simple for your kids to be the perfect clown, isn’t it? By following these steps your kids are now ready to join the Clowns without Borders! There are some awesome events going on the Clowns without Borders UK YouTube Channel, so definitely take a look.

What did you think about our series? We hope you enjoyed it and that you and your kids can have a lot of fun!

Click on the square image below to go to the resource!

Before you go, take a look at our entire clown activities series so you can piece it all together!

Clown Activities from Clowns Without Borders UK

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How to help your kids to be the perfect clown

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