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270+ Creative clown name ideas for kids (no scary names!)

If your kids like to laugh and play around, they’ll have so much fun picking out their perfect clown name! This is always such a good time, and everyone will crack up to meet these funny characters!

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Although clowns sometimes have a reputation for being a bit frightening, they’re mostly a lot of fun! Every kid needs a good clown name, and we’re here to help. In this post, we’re sharing a fun clown name generator to help your kids find the perfect name that suits their clown persona! If that’s not enough, there are oodles of kid-friendly clown names at the end!

These fun and creative clown activities are from Clowns Without Borders UK. On this occasion, we are chatting about how to choose your clown name when you are a kid. Have fun with this, and don’t forget to check out all the other posts in the series!

Are clown activities fun for kids?

Clown activities are fun for kids because they can help bring a smile to your kids’ faces! Clowns remind you of fun occasions, like birthday parties and the circus. By encouraging kids to let loose and play, they have fun as well as put into practice some other skills, like fine motor skills, critical thinking, creativity, and many more! Most of these skills can be practiced by being hands on and creating their clown costume!

Clown Name Printable: How to choose your clown name

Making your clown costume is fun and easy! Here are the steps to get your kids to decide on their funny clown names and start having some fun!

  • Play around with funny names and sounds – it doesn’t have to make sense; it just has to make you chuckle!
  • Think of a food you like – use that as your clown name. Whether it’s simple like banana or sounds funnier like gazpacho it’s bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  • What’s your favourite animal? If you’re lucky enough to be bilingual or like languages, then translate the name of the animal into another language to make it sound even more fun.
  • If you want something a bit more simple, then take your own name and shuffle the letters around to come up with something more unique!
  • Pick your top 5 favorite clown names then whittle the list down until you find a great clown name that fits your personality.

Not enough ideas? Keep scrolling to find a mega list of clown names to give you plenty of inspiration!

How to choose your clown name when you are a kid

How to Dress Up Like a Clown

If you want to take your new clown name to the next level, you’ll need a costume to match your cool clown name! 

  • Oversized clothes: Clowns often wear enormous, colorful costumes. The brighter, the better!
  • Oversized shoes: You should look like you’re about to fall down, tripping over your enormous shoes.
  • Face paint: To look like famous clowns, you’ll want to paint your face white and add a bright red smile (or frown), freckles, and any other features.
  • Red nose: You can’t forget the red nose if you want to look like a professional clown! Bonus points if it’s squeaky.
  • Prank props: Add a flower that squirts water or other funny little props that delight your audience.
  • Balloon animals: Although you don’t have to have this skill to match your cute clown name, many clowns can make elaborate balloon animals to share with kids at children’s parties. Try your hand at this fun skill and see how you do!
  • Hats or crazy hair: Use an old bowler’s hat or add wire to your ponytail to make it stand in a funny way. This will complete the look!

52 Best Clown Names for Kids

Need more inspiration? Try these unique names and see if any of them give you a laugh! Look for a catchy name that fits your personality (even if it’s a bit silly!).

  1. Silly Billy
  2. Chuckles
  3. Giggles
  4. Dizzy Doodle
  5. Bubbles
  6. Jolly Juggles
  7. Twinkle Toes
  8. Boink the Clown
  9. Happy Hop
  10. Wacky Wally
  11. Funny Fumble
  12. Loony Lou
  13. Snickers
  14. Topsy-Turvy
  15. Curly Q
  16. Whiskers
  17. Doodlebug
  18. Goober
  19. Jitterbug
  20. Zigzag
  21. Gummy
  22. Noodle Noggin
  23. Fizzle
  24. Puddles
  25. Chuckleberry
  26. Guffaw
  27. BoBo
  28. Giddy Gadget
  29. Dizzy Izzy
  30. Sparkle Sprinkle
  31. Tickle Tots
  32. Wiggle Worm
  33. Snickerdoodle
  34. Zany Zoe
  35. Goofball Gus
  36. Bounce-a-Lot
  37. Whimsy
  38. Dandy Andy
  39. Ticklish Timmy
  40. Sprinklez
  41. Bumblebee
  42. Fiddlesticks
  43. Snickerdoodle
  44. Gobbledegook
  45. Flapdoodle
  46. Fandango
  47. Hoot n’ Holler
  48. Slapstick
  49. Wobble Pop
  50. Fizzy Fandango
  51. Smarty Pants
  52. Funny Bones

57 Classic Clown Names for Kids

This collection of names will remind you of popular clown names from the past! They’re sweet and simple and would make the perfect name for some modern-day clowns.

  1. Bozo
  2. Harlequin
  3. Coco
  4. Pipo
  5. Rags
  6. Sparky
  7. Slapstick
  8. Seltzer
  9. Happy
  10. Dodo
  11. Fumble
  12. Tumbles
  13. Jingles
  14. Patches
  15. Floppy
  16. Giggles
  17. Bubbles
  18. Dizzy
  19. Chuckles
  20. Squeaky
  21. Topsy
  22. Benny
  23. Bimbo
  24. Jojo
  25. Fido
  26. Mopsy
  27. Jolly
  28. Noodles
  29. Doodles
  30. Wobble
  31. Whiskers
  32. Zigzag
  33. Scooter
  34. Toots
  35. Dapper
  36. Skittles – maybe they have a polka dot suit decorated with candy?
  37. Tater Tot
  38. Jumbo
  39. Fizzle
  40. Whimsy
  41. Curly
  42. Happy Feet
  43. Slippers
  44. Dandy
  45. Wacky
  46. Pipsqueak
  47. Doodlebug
  48. Noodlehead – perfect for a clown with noodle hair!
  49. Goober
  50. Lolly
  51. Spiffy
  52. Jitterbug
  53. Gumdrop
  54. Pizzazz
  55. Whoopee
  56. Razzle
  57. Doodle Dee

17 Famous Clown Names

Want some more ideas? These famous clown names will give you some creative ideas!

  1. Ronald McDonald
  2. Bozo the Clown
  3. Krusty the Clown (from The Simpsons)
  4. Clarabelle Cow
  5. Felix the Cat (with his bag of tricks)
  6. Frosty the Clown
  7. Poodles the Clown
  8. Binky the Clown (from Garfield)
  9. Rusty the Clown
  10. Nino the Clown
  11. Rags the Clown
  12. Buttons the Clown
  13. Chuckles the Clown (from The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
  14. Doodles the Clown
  15. Bello the Clown
  16. Poppy the Clown (from “The Big Comfy Couch”)
  17. Grandma (from “Big Comfy Couch”)

50 Girl Clown Names

Want a few more options? These female clown names are great for young girls who want to make people laugh and have fun!

  1. Daisy Doodle
  2. Rosie Rainbow
  3. Bella Bubbles
  4. Lily Laughter
  5. Tilly Tumble
  6. Candy Curls
  7. Mimi Giggles
  8. Ruby Ringmaster
  9. Polly Pop
  10. Sunny Smiles
  11. Trixie Twirl
  12. Lulu Lollipop
  13. Jazzy Juggles
  14. Mindy Mischief
  15. Pippa Pranks
  16. Gerty Giggles
  17. Maisie Magic
  18. Dolly Delight
  19. Millie Marvel
  20. Gracie Glee
  21. Poppy Pizzazz
  22. Kiki Confetti
  23. Twinkle Toes
  24. Sandy Sparkles
  25. Gaby Giggletwist
  26. Trixie Toots
  27. Bella Bonbon
  28. Rosie Rollick
  29. Tessa Tinsel
  30. Franny Funshine
  31. Bitsy Bounce
  32. Wiggly Willow
  33. Flossy Feather
  34. Silly Sally
  35. Sassy Sunshine
  36. Wanda Whirl
  37. Peanut Pizzicato
  38. Dizzy Daisy
  39. Lila Laughs-a-Lot
  40. Squeaky Socks
  41. Taffy Tangle
  42. Mandy Merrymaker
  43. Cheery Cherry
  44. Gingersnap
  45. Pansy Playful
  46. Fanny Fizz
  47. Dot Dimples
  48. Trixie Toodle-oo
  49. Gilly Grin
  50. Zoey Zest

50 Whimsical Names for Clowns

Add a touch of whimsy and tape into your inner clown with these different clown names. Look for a memorable name that really jumps out at you (not in a scary way, please. No evil clowns here!)

  1. Wobbles McWiggle
  2. Dizzy Dimples
  3. Topsy Turvyton
  4. Jolly Jibber
  5. Giggly Gumdrops
  6. Puddin’ Pops
  7. Fuzzy Fandangle
  8. Zippy Zonkers
  9. Tickle Tumbletoes
  10. Bouncy Bop
  11. Jangle Jitters
  12. Quirky Quibbles
  13. Sprocket Spinmaster
  14. Wiggly Whiz
  15. Doodle Dabble
  16. Flibbertigibbet
  17. Bumble Bumpkins
  18. Whimsy Whirlwind
  19. Razzle Rainbow
  20. Snicker Sneakers
  21. Doodleberry Delight
  22. Gobblefunk the Clown
  23. Zip-Zap Zany
  24. Noodle Natter
  25. Jibber Jamboree
  26. Fiddledeedoo
  27. Pompom Perky
  28. Whirligig Wally
  29. Flippity Flop
  30. Guffaw Gizmo
  31. Tootsie Tangles
  32. Zigzag Zephyr
  33. Squeezy Sproing
  34. Noodle Noodlekin
  35. Baffle Bounce
  36. Doozy Dalliance
  37. Gobbledegiggle
  38. Wobble Whirligig
  39. Jibber Jabberwocky
  40. Mumbo Jumbo
  41. Flapdoodle Floozy
  42. Wacky Widget
  43. Giddy Gobbler
  44. Tickle Trundle
  45. Wobble Whimsipuff
  46. Jibber Jangleberry
  47. Dabble Doodlebonk
  48. Zany Zapzapper
  49. Sprocket Sprinkleton
  50. Fandango Fiddlesticks

50 Creative Clown Names for Kids

Not satisfied? Here are even more unique clown names to choose from! Look for the perfect moniker. You deserve a name that matches your unique personality! These random clown names are both whimsical, creative, and quite random if we do say ourselves. 

  1. Jiffy Juggly
  2. Bumble Bells
  3. Dizzy Doodad
  4. Wiggles Wobbleton
  5. Twinkle Toots
  6. Sprocket Sprinkles
  7. Giggle Gear
  8. Doodle Diddle
  9. Tumble Tanglewood
  10. Zippy Zoomer
  11. Puddin’ Popsicle
  12. Topsy Tumblina
  13. Quibble Quackers
  14. Fiddle Fandangle
  15. Jangle Jollykins
  16. Ruffle Rainbow
  17. Fuzzy Flibbertigib
  18. Whirligig Whimzy
  19. Noodle Natterbox
  20. Squeezy Sprout
  21. Tootsie Tiddlywinks
  22. Bongo Bopkins
  23. Quirky Quibbleton
  24. Dabble Doodledeedoo
  25. Gobble Grinster
  26. Zigzag Zippity
  27. Sproing Sprocket
  28. Baffle Bubblekins
  29. Doozy Doodlepuff
  30. Whimsy Wobblekins
  31. Tumble Tiddlytoes
  32. Pippin Puddlejump
  33. Wobble Wiggledum
  34. Razzle Rufflekins
  35. Zany Zippityzap
  36. Dizzy Diddleberry
  37. Wacky Wifflewaff
  38. Giddy Goggles
  39. Sprinkle Spindle
  40. Tickle Toodledeedle
  41. Jibber Jumbletop
  42. Doofer Dabbledink
  43. Boomer Bounceabout
  44. Quibble Quiggleton
  45. Wobble Whimsysprout
  46. Flibbertigib Waggles
  47. Bungle Bumpalot
  48. Whizbang Wobbleton
  49. Quirk Quiverquill
  50. Doodle Dabblepot

Alright, there are plenty of catchy clown names here! Which one jumped out at you? What’s your new stage name? 

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