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Clown activities: how to make a clown’s red nose

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We’ve been sharing with you some great clown activities on the blog recently; from clown funny faces, to a clown costume so today we are adding a clown red nose! Complete the look with today’s post and don’t forget to go and check out the other posts. Want to know how to make a clown’s red nose? Let’s get started!

Clown activities: how to make a clowns red nose

This is another activity from the amazing charity Clowns without Borders. Do check out their site.

So, how do you make a clown’s red nose?

Making a clown’s red nose

  1. Pick out your nose – you can use whatever you want for your nose. It can be a typical clown’s round nose or you can think outside the box and pick out something else you find funny and entertaining.
  2. Paint it red – once you’ve chosen your nose use red face paint or red lipstick to paint the nose. You can paint the entire thing or just the tip.
  3. Make your own from start to finish – if you want a clown’s red nose that is uniquely you then get an egg carton and cut out an individual cup. Paint it red and once it dries make two holes on each side. Add an elastic band or a shoelace. All done!

This activity is a lot of fun and a great way to get the kids to share some laughter in your living room. Put all of our activities together and you’ll have a lot of fun!

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Clown activities: how to make a clowns red nose

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