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Happiness builder for kids

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Are you wondering how you can raise happy kids? Do you want a way to encourage your kids to focus on the good that happens every day and what traits make them amazing? If so, then you’ll enjoy our happiness builder for kids printable.

Free happiness builder for kids

3 steps to raise happy kids

We can help our kids to be happy by behaving in a specific way ourselves – so here are some tips to help you out before we share the printable with you all.

Be a happy role model

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The first step to raise happy kids is to learn how to be happy with yourself. When kids are raised by happy parents they tend to be happier kids. This isn’t through genetics, it’s part of being raised in a positive environment by happy parents that allow kids to grow up happier.

Expect it takes effort

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It’s important that kids understand there is no such thing as perfectionism. In order to raise happy kids, parents must learn to expect effort rather than perfection. You can do this by encouraging your child to always do their best and try new things, even when new things may be a challenge.

Teach them emotional intelligence

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Lastly, it’s important to teach kids emotional intelligence. Help your kids identify how they’re feeling by using things like our happiness builder for kids printable. Support your kids to let them know what they feel is okay regardless of how much it hurts or not.

Being able to raise happy kids is all about setting the example with a positive, happy home environment and helping your kids focus on the positives in their life. With our 3 steps to raising happy kids and our
happiness builder for kids printable, you’ll be on the fast track towards raising happy kids in no time!

Happiness builder for kids

This happiness builder for kids printable features three pages that place a focus on:

  • “Today I was Happy Because”,
  • “Tomorrow I will be Happy Because”, and
  • “I am Amazing Because”.

Each page has speech bubble for your children to fill in – with ideas, pictures, or words for why they are feeling the way they are. If they can’t fill all the bubbles in, that isn’t a problem either, it is whatever they fell they can do.

Each of these fun pages with our happiness builder for kids printable will give your kids a chance to focus on something that made them happy today, will make them happy tomorrow, and the traits that make them an amazing individual.

If you’re ready to start raising happy kids, then click the image below to download your free printable today.

Free happiness builder for kids

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Free happiness builder for kids

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