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Halloween craft for kids: Origami spider corner bookmark

Halloween is a perfect time for crafting with the kids, so we have another Halloween craft for kids to add to the rather gorgeous ones we have already shown you. Don’t forget to check all our Halloween ideas for kids out. This origami spider corner bookmark works perfectly alongside the pumpkin bookmark we shared recently.

Halloween craft for kids

For extra help, check out the video we have for you showing the different steps in the craft.

As always we have details of what you need and then how to do the craft.

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Materials for your spider bookmark

  1. Template that provides the shape for the spider, to download this scroll down to the circular image at the end of the post and click on it,
  2. Colourful origami craft paper.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Markers.
  5. Glue.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Ruler.
Halloween craft for kids Origami spider corner bookmark

How to make your simple halloween craft for kids: Origami spider

1. Grab your origami square

Take an origami craft paper or a take a craft paper and cut it in a square shape.

Grab your origami square
2. Fold it in half

Diagonally fold it in half and create a triangle.

Make sure the edges match perfectly. This will help our bookmark to be precise.

Fold it in half
3. Create your guideline

Then fold the triangle in half, and open up the fold.

This will create a crease in the middle. This crease will help as a guideline.

Create your guideline
4. Make your bookmark flap

Place the triangle on the surface, point down. Take the top layer of paper from at the point and bring it upwards to the long base of the triangle.

Make your bookmark flap
5. Fold the left corner down

Now take the left corner of the triangular paper and, bring downwards then fold it along with the crease we created in the previous step.

Fold the left corner down
6. Tuck in the left corner

Then, tuck in the corner on the upper pocket.

Tuck in the left corner
7. Fold your right corner

Similarly, fold the right corner.

Fold your right corner
8. Gather all the spider elements from the template

Now, print out the PDF template, use the template to trace and cut out the pieces for Spider.

Gather all the spider elements from the template
9. Glue on the spider eyes

Take the larger circular pieces and glue them on the top side of the spider’s body. These are the eyes of the spider.

Glue on the spider eyes
10. Draw the spider’s eyes

Now, use a black marker pen to draw the eye for the spider.

Then glue the smaller circular pieces on the spider’s cheek.

Draw the spider's eyes
11. Draw your spider’s smile

Use a white coloured pen to draw a smile on the spider’s face.

Draw your spider's smile
12. Add the spider’s legs

Now start glueing the spider’s legs.

Add the spider's legs
13. Add the spider’s legs

Glue the legs on the right side and then on the left. If you want 8 legs, use what we have, you probably noticed that we have only 6. We think it looks more aesthetically pleasing, but you might want to be more anatomically correct. 😂

Add the spider's legs
14. Make a web for your spider

Then, draw a spider web using a black pen on the bookmark.

Make a web for your spider
15. Finally, glue the spider on the bookmark

And finish it off by glueing the spider on the bookmark.

Isn’t this little origami spider bookmark the cutest thing ever?

Finally, glue the spider on the bookmark

These are lovely and simple halloween crafts for kids, so much that even we can do them. Why not give them a go and let us know how you get on?

To download the template click on the circular image below, and you are away.

Have fun with this won’t you?

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If you want the full details printed out – here is a lovely summary of the craft for you.

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