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Games for lazy parents: Sleeping dragon

After sharing the activity from Matt Brown last week, about the soft toy pyramid, where you didn’t need to move too much – how about an indoor activity for kids where you get to go to sleep? It can be exhausting juggling childcare with running a household or working from home. Sometimes you just need a few minutes break and this game as part of our games for lazy parents series is perfect! This game is a great way to grab a few minutes respite whilst connecting and entertaining your children all at once.

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lazy parenting games sleeping dragon

You will play the part of a sleeping dragon, protecting its hoard of treasure, whilst your children attempt a daring heist.


  • A sofa
  • Some small items of treasure – e.g. marbles, coins or polished stones

How to play:

  1. Lie down on the sofa and make yourself comfortable. Yes, really!
  2. Hide the small items of treasure about your person (and perhaps under your person, and under your cushion)
  3. Challenge your children to steal your treasure as you pretend to sleep.
  4. As you close your eyes and pretend to snore, suppress your chuckles and listen as your children try to pluck up the nerve to search about your person without waking you up.

This game is all about the peril. If you can pass as a convincing dragon, then your children will be drawn in to the suspense and danger of the scenario. They will revel in the fear and the thrill this game offers, whilst feeling the bond and security from playing with their parent.

lazy parent games

If they are too noisy or not gentle enough, stir in your sleep. Give a little growl, roll over or sleepily put an arm around your child like they are your teddy-bear. However, if they take one too many liberties, then feel free to awaken with a roar, and chase them away to the far end of the room.

“Okay, are his eyes closed?”


“Right, you lift up his arm. See if there’s a jewel under it. I’ll check under his belly.”

“I’m not lifting his arm. He’ll wake up.”

“You check his belly then.”

“I’ll check his arm.”


“Hmph–nothing under there. What about his belly? Whoa–!”

[snore] “cuddle…”

“Help. He’s got me in a hug!”

“Well, he’s rolled over on top of me!”

“Now what?!”

“Wriggle out and then pull me out too.”


“Is it working?”

“Hgh! My head is stuck.”


“I think  he’s waking up.”

“I can see your underpants.”

“Ha ha. Whoops!”


“Hurry! Stroke his head or something. Lull him back to sleep.”

“I can’t reach! I’ll use my foot.”


[sniff, sniff] “Smelly…Grrr!”

“This is a disaster. Pull me out, quick!”

“I’m free! Hang on. I’m coming. We’re not very good robbers, are we?”


“Pull harder, or we’ll be toast!!”

“Got you!”


“Run like the wind!!”

lazy parenting games

Keep at it!

It may take a few attempts for your children to steal all the treasure. You don’t need to move too far off the sofa before you yawn and amble back into bed.

“Quick. Do you think he’s asleep again?”

“Not sure. That fire singed my bottom last time. Maybe we should wait…” “We could try a lullaby?”

Again, who would have thought you might be able to grab 40 winks while you are playing with the kids, hey?

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sleeping dragon game for lazy parents

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