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4 fun word games to play as a family

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Playing word games with kids can help them build a number of different skills. It can help them with their language skills, reading, writing, sounding things out, and lots of other things. You can play word games with children of all ages, wherever you are too. There are board games that can be fun, but plenty of games just need a pencil and paper or can even be played verbally, so you don’t need to write anything down at all. Why not try some of these fun word games with your family today?

4 Fun word games to play as a family

You will know some of these – but hopefully not all of them!


Hangman fun word game

Hangman is a simple game that everyone knows, and it’s great to play with children who already know how to spell. Even kids who have just started with the basics can try some simple words with just a few letters, and it’s a good way to practice the alphabet and consider which letters are more common. To make it easier, you could provide a clue or even a picture of the word you use. Hangman can be played anywhere with just a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, or even a chalkboard, easel or whiteboard.


Scrabble fun word games

Scrabble is a board game that’s more suited to older children. However, they don’t have to be too old to understand how it’s played. If you want to provide a little extra help or just have some fun without competing, a word unscrambler tool can help you to find the best words. If your family can’t manage a full game of Scrabble, try playing without the board. Everyone can choose eight letters from the bag and then write down as many words as they can make. This is a bit like Boggle, which can be a fun game to play too.

The Letter Game

The letter fun word games

For a verbal game that you can play anywhere, this game is suitable for two or more people and for different ages. You pick a category of things to name, which might be colors or pets. One person says a word and the next person needs to say a word that starts with the last letter of the first word. So someone might say “cat”, and the next person can say “turtle”. This game is easy to play, and there are lots of different things that you can name so you can play it for a long time too.



This traditional family game can be played by children who already know their alphabet, but it can also be adapted for younger children. Instead of spying something beginning with a certain letter, it can be something that’s a specific color or has some other visual trait. It’s a fun word game to play on long journeys, although it can be a bit confusing if the thing that the person playing has spied is already several miles behind you!

Playing word games as a family helps your child’s verbal skills and spelling, and it’s a fun thing to do without relying on screens to entertain everyone.

We hope you like these ideas – but if you need more inspiration for what to play with the family, why not try some of these ideas too?

Family games

Some excellent ideas of games to play with the family; both for fun, and even for a little bit of education!

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