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Boost your child’s day with free printable positive affirmation lunch box notes

We’re about to hop, skip, and jump into a fantastically fun idea that’s as colorful and exciting as a rainbow after a summer rain – positive affirmation lunch box notes for your little ones. Imagine this: nestled between apple slices and peanut butter sandwiches, you find tiny paper treasures filled with words of love and encouragement. A perfect way to have lunch at school, particularly for those kids that might find school a little hard somedays.

This image is promoting Kiddy Charts, a website that provides printable positive affirmations for kids to put in their lunch boxes.

Why bother with these positive lunch box notes?

We realise that you might not have thought about lunch box notes for kids before, so let’s explore why they are a great idea for our kids:

  1. They are a wonderful surprise: Tucked away amidst the carrot sticks and chocolate chip cookies, these notes are the mid-day surprises that can help your kids’ day take a lovely positive turn. Picture this: your kid unzips their lunchbox to find a note saying, “You are amazing!” that they weren’t expected. Should be enough to bring a smile to their face, don’t you think?
  2. Invisible hugs from home: These affirmations are like warm, fuzzy teddy bear hugs that remind your children of your love, even when you’re miles apart. It’s like whispering in their ear, “Hey champ, you’re doing fantastic, and I’m super proud of you.” It feels like a cozy cuddle without being there – and that can boost anyone’s day, and finally
  3. Confidence-boosting: Positive affirmations can be a little of of like magic that might sprinkle self-belief and courage over your kids. They can help them believe in their unique talents and face challenges with a brave heart. A simple note saying, “You’re as brave as a lion” could inspire them to roar their way through a class presentation. If you are savvy about what you put in when, it could be exactly what your child needs that day to get through.

What do the lunch box notes have on them?

A bowl of vegetarian salad with cucumber, lemon, and other natural produce on a food storage container with a lid, providing a nutritious and delicious snack for a healthy diet.

We have five sheets of 8 notes on for you, so there are loads of different ones to choose from so you can tailor them to whatever you want for your kids. We know you like to see everything here, so let’s share with you what phrases we have added to the sheets for you:

  • You are kind,
  • You are smarter than you think,
  • You are brave,
  • I am a good friend
  • I try my best,
  • I care for others,
  • I dream big,
  • I can reach my dreams,
  • I am loved,
  • You are courageous,
  • You can try again,
  • You are blessed,
  • Today is a good day,
  • You are blessed,
  • You can make a difference,
  • I am proud of myself,
  • I am helpful,
  • I can control my emotions,
  • You can do wonderful things, and
  • You can do it.
  • You are a good listener,
  • I dream big,
  • You are creative,
  • I love being me,
  • I am talented,
  • I am important and special,
  • I will inspire others,
  • You are great,
  • You are a problem solver,
  • I chose to be happy today,
  • Making mistakes helps me grow,
  • You are so thoughtful,
  • You have great ideas,
  • I can do hard things,
  • I am always grateful,
  • I am a lovable person,
  • I am fun to be with,
  • I love learning,
  • You are honest, and
  • I will be a blessing to others.

As you can see, there are loads of ideas for you for your kids, which will enable you to tailor the note to either what’s happening within their day, or their mood.

What do the notes look like

The first two sheets are the cover, and then we share our first 8 ideas for the notes, alongside the animals which we have chosen to accompany our notes. We all love an animal, right? We have owls, foxes, giraffes, and dogs to help introduce the affirmations to your kids.

Our next two sheets share more wonderful ideas for those positive notes for lunch boxes. We do advise not to put a note in everyday though, as if we do, it becomes too much of the “norm” and it becomes easy for our kids to take them for granted. That reduces their impact, so do use everything we have here wisely.

To download these, just click on the button or the image below, and they are yours, for free!

The image is encouraging the viewer to be brave, try their best, and make a difference, wishing them a good day and blessing them.

We do also have positive affirmations postcards for you to check out too, designed by the editor’s daughter.

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We hope these are all useful for you – do sign up for our newsletter as well if you want more of the same fun for your kids:

Thanks so much for coming to see us today as well. We hope you come again soon.

This image is offering free printable positive affirmation cards to be put in kids' lunch boxes to help them feel proud, blessed, and motivated to make a difference and try their best.

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