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Lunch box note printables

Going back to school after long and fun-filled summer days can be challenging for some kids, and nobody knows this better than parents. Once children themselves, parents know the importance of warm, carefree days, filled with nothing but laughter and happiness. Time spent on summer holidays, surrounded by family and play buddies has a positive effect on a child’s physical and emotional development and is as important as the formal education given in schools.

Free Printable Lunch Box Note

But, what happens when the school bell rings and marks the beginning of the new school year? For one thing, kids’ daily routine and habits significantly change. Suddenly it is not all fun and games but homework and school chores as well. For well prepared parents, this post-holiday transition doesn’t have to be a trouble – there are simple tips they can rely on and help their children successfully adjust to these changes and plunge into new school projects.


Going to bed on time, taking care of belongings, eating healthy, doing homework – the key to all of these is in good organization. Just like outdoor activities and family time, organizing too can be highly beneficial for kids and represent a worthy asset later in life. That is why it is important for parents to set the right example. Modern parents, unlike previous generations have better access to quality resources which can help them accomplish this and many other undertakings that require juggling between parenthood and work life.

Internet alone is full of creative and often free solutions on how to teach children to take care of their school items, do their homework on time and follow schedules whilst still enjoying the process. Let’s not forget proper dieting which is crucial for kids’ immune system especially during school year with some many courses and learning material to be grasped. This is maybe one of the biggest challenges since most kids have innate resistance to healthy food. One easy way to engage them while giving them a lesson in organization is by applying engaging food printables to their lunchboxes or even using veggies and fruits to create interesting shapes and forms.


Kids are very visual so most likely they would like the idea of naming their meals with stickers not to mention the practical side of packing and sorting food this way that every parent would find handy. Cute and colorful designs such as baby carrot, smiling grape and goofy broccoli might do the trick of making them grow fond of eating healthy. Lunchbox stickers are great not only for labeling healthy food choices and making sure a child doesn’t lose the lunchbox during school hours but for other school and free time related activities as well. These cute labels can be used for sorting out school books and supplies, storing toys etc.


School education gives kids formal knowledge and the opportunity to develop their skills, family gives them emotional support and teach them values. By adding some fun activities to that equation it is possible to obtain what each parent wishes for his child- a happy and healthy childhood.

Printable Lunch Box Note

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