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Free printable 2021 calendar: includes editable version

A new year has arrived and with that, we have a new free printable 2021 calendar for you. Yes, we are that prepared this year that we wanted to help you get a year ahead too. If you’re not quite ready for this kids’ free printable 2021 calendar, then pin it to save for later. And you can of course, still download our 2020 printable calendar too of course! However, if you pin the 2021 one now, it will help you easily access this printable 2021 kids calendar closer to the end of 2020 to get a jumpstart on the new year.

AND if you want an editable version – you can download one for only £1.99 as well. Bargain!

THAT is so cheap its well amazing, right?

free printable 2021 calendar

You will love our printable calendar for kids. This is an excellent way to provide your kids with a visual reference for their daily chores and other activities.  This year we’re offering our editable 2021 kids calendar at a low price that’s even more affordable than your daily cup of coffee. Select the ‘buy now’ button above to get your copy.

Take a second to peek at our 2021 kids’ calendar to get a better view of how this kids’ calendar will help make life easier. Being able to teach your kids time management skills and a little more responsibility for their daily tasks is an excellent way to prepare your kids for the real world.

This fun and colorful 2021 kids’ calendar will work well for any child at any age and stage in childhood. Having a printable calendar that you can easily customize to fit your daily changes and routines will help establish good habits in your kids.

At what age should a child know the days of the week?

Around the age of 3 or 4, your kids can start to develop the concept of the days of the week. That’s why this fun 2021 kids’ calendar is a must-have! You’ll be able to print this adorable calendar with fun scenes include for every month to help your toddler understand the days of the week, all while having a tool for your older children to establish their own time management skills.

How do you teach time management skills to kids?

As your children get older and their schedules become fuller, it’s important that you provide them with the skills necessary to manage their time. Knowing the value of time and how much time a child has in a day is an excellent way to prepare them for maximum productivity and future happiness.

You can use this 2021 printable calendar for kids to help educate your kids on the value of time, good management skills, and accountability skills. Enforcing a rule that your kids keep their own 2021 calendar with a list of tasks and activities that must be completed daily is an excellent way to help them be more accountable for their time and decisions.

If you’re ready to check out our free printable 2021 calendar for kids, then continue reading to see more details and a sneak peek at this adorable 2021 kids calendar printable.

January 2021

January is still a bit chilly for most of us – so we have a lovely snow covered scene in the woods for January 2021 – with a few rather cute little bunnies thrown in for good measure. Anyone for a carrot? 🥕

free printable 2021 calendar

February 2021

Just in case you still need warming up in February 2021 – how about some hot chocolate / cocoa to keep those fingers and hands warm? Anyone want to spend a bit of time setting up a stand to sell to the neighbours?!?!

February 2021

March 2021

As it starts to get a little bit warmer in March, we thought perhaps you might be starting to get out and about with the kids a little bit more. Fancy a spot of pond dipping to collect a frog or two? We thought these little guys were rather cute! 🐸

free printable 2021 calendar

April 2021

Spring has well and truly sprung now – and we’ve got some tulips for you in April 2021; better encourage them all the grow with a bit of watering now, hadn’t we?

April 2021

May 2021

May is one of those in between months – sometimes it can be incredibly hot, and sometimes you know it is still spring, as the weather can be a little changeable. It IS a time when you start to see some of the bugs appear as the weather gets warmer though – so check out our fabulous honey and hive picture for May 2021. 🐝

free printable 2021 calendar

June 2021

We brought you a hot choccy stand in February, so it would be rather remiss of us if we didn’t also have a gorgeous and colourful lemonade stand in the summer – so here you go for June 2021.

Homemade lemonade anyone?

free printable 2021 calendar

July 2021

Now who loves a little bit of fantasy – we definitely do – we have some wonderful mermaid colouring pages on the site if you haven’t checked them out before, and to complement that theme – how about some mermaids to celebrate the month of July 2021? Time for a swim we think!

July 2021

August 2021

If you aren’t into your fantasy fun as much as we are, perhaps you would rather a little bit of splashing about in the garden instead? That’s our theme for the August printables. We can cool down with a hose as the sun heats up at the height of summer.

August 2021

September 2021

Sadly, summer is coming to an end now, and we are just getitng into the autumn, so its all about the fields and the crops. Don’t forget how important scarecrows are keeping our crops safe from those pesky crows.

Though this one looks pretty harmless to me….another great addition for September 2021.

free printable 2021 calendar

October 2021

We can’t come to October 2021 without a spot of Halloween now can we? Look at those fabulous Pumpkin Trick or Treat containers. We’ve got some wonderful Trick or Treat boxes and even some Trick or Treat bags on KiddyCharts. Why not take a look, and at all the other Halloween resources we have too? We’ve even got some amazing Halloween lollipop covers!

free printable 2021 calendar

November 2021

We re clinging on to dear life to the summer with a harvest of Sunflowers this month – gorgeous, and perfect for waving goodbye to the autumn and into the winter months.

November 2021

December 2021

Finally, we end the year all cost in fromt of the fire, enjoying a little spot of R n’ R with each other while the temperature outside dips a little. It might even be snowing! So we ent our printable 2021 calendar with a little bit of a fireside huddle.

I do hope you like these designs. Just click the square image at the end for the picture.

PHEW. That’s all the images for you to see what you are getting – so to download it, just click on the square image below.

free printable 2021 calendar

We really do hope you love this calendar – we most definitely do – and our 2020 one was massively popular, so we really hope this one is as well.

We do have an editable version, as we said before – so pop along and get that as well – it’s only £1.99 so perfect for you all – just the price of a coffee.

We have LOADS of other amazing activities on the site – so come and check out our other printables, and if you don’t know where to start – how about some of these ideas?

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free printable 2021 calendar

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