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DIY printable days of the week calendar for home, work or school

Today we are sharing another idea for a calendar with you you – and this is awesome we promise you! We’ve got a DIY printable days of the week calendar for you all to make. This is my favorite within the printable calendars that we have. It makes a great gift for those that work from home, or are just organising their study a little bit more. It is also perfect for kindergarten classrooms as well.

Why not print it out for preschool play, as well as first graders too – it is a lovely addition to the classroom, as well as offering a little organisation in your life as a work at home employee. It isn’t just all about the classroom posters!

Using it is a great way to help you manage that work life balance a little better. Keep it near your office desk as a wall calendar, and you can keep track of the days more easily, hopefully with a view to taking of your own calendar pages one by one – counting down that working week to the days you spend with your family.

It doesn’t quite work as a printable weekly planner, but you can check in with the weather on a daily basis, giving you the perfect time to reflect on whether you’ve got time for that walk in your busy schedule today.

This printable set is available on our premium membership site for only £3.95, so do join us! We’ve also got a blank weekly calendar remember, as well as a two-weekly calendar too. There are loads of calendar ideas on this, and our premium site, so check them all out and find out what’s right for you.

Grab our printable days of the week calendar on our premium site for £3.95.

Join our premium site, and most of our products in the shop are completely free!

We’d love to have you and there are loads of other printables you can get your hands on on a regular basis if you do join in.

This free printable calendar comes with step by step instruction details for how to make the calendar. It provides you with a mini desk calendar for your home office. Let’s get started to show you have to make this simple DIY calendar.

What does this DIY printable days of the week calendar for your office space or class look like

We always make sure that we have images for you of the calendar, so you know what you are downloading. This is available only to our Time to Pee members. Membership is free of course. And this is a great free and fun project to do for your desk.

To make your little wall calendar you need to:

  1. Scroll down to the button below, and join our Time to Pee membership for free – visit the page linked to the button, and checkout (for free), the template for you beautiful calendar,
  2. Take the first page and laminate it. This is your main calendar page for your monthly calendar. You can use the other free printables we have to change the printable pages as you need them – just with a bit of velcro!
  3. Attach this to a wall or a door, making sure that you stick one side of a velcro tape on each on the black boxes, so there is space for the flash cards bwe have created for for to build the calendar, ox.
  4. The 2nd page onwards in this pack contains the blank templates and the order of the days for you to print out. There are calendar numbers for you to add to the blank cards on the main calendar template,
  5. You need to cut along the dotted lines and laminate all the pieces,
  6. To complete the calendar, attached the other side of the velcro tape to the back of all the individual pieces that you have just cut out
  7. Attach the other side of a velcro tape / velcro dots at the back part of the individual pieces.
  8. Change the elements on hour free printable according to the current date and weather.
  9. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to use this every day of the week to keep track of time, and stay organised. It’s a fun activity in the home office, as well as a great thing for first grade students to do. It is a great option for improving fine motor skills and helping the kids to learn all about the concept of time too. Why not print it out today as a classroom calendar?

Do check out the weekly goals printable that we also have on the site to complement this. You can combine this weekly schedule with the kids main goals for the week for fun ideas on working with goals, and learning an important skill around goal setting. SMART goals are something kids can learn about from a young age.

In order to download, sign up below and then click on the button to go to the product on our membership site where you can download the goodies.

You do have to buy this subscription to get it – but as long as you do sign up – it is free to get – alongside everything else on the premium membership site too.

Grab our printable days of the week calendar on our premium site for £3.95.

Join our premium site, and most of our products in the shop are completely free!

We think that this is a fantastic addition to any classroom or office; perfect to get and stay organised – well, you will, at least, know what day of the week and what the weather is like anyway!

Don’t forget to keep coming back to the site, why not bookmark it, or maybe even sign up to our articles newsletter to see what’s happening as we publish everything.

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Hope you can come back soon, and we’ll see you again then.


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