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Twin mum essentials: A checklist

Today, we have this fabulous Twin mum essentials checklist, to help twin mums, and other multiple mums to prepare for their little ones. In all honestly, this checklist is actually perfect for most new parents, so would be perfectly reasonable to just be labelling it as a new parent checklist!

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Twin Mum Essentials

We have produced this checklist in partnership with Leonie Huie, who has written a fabulous book, following her own experiences as a Twin mum, called The First Year Is Survival: The Essential Guide to Parenting Twins and Multiples.

The First Year Is Survival: The Essential Guide to Parenting Twins and Multiples

Leonie has drawn on her own experiences as a Twin mum, and a PND survivor, to provide advice and support through the pages of her new book.

It really is a big of a hug in paperback…or perhaps even a warm cup of tree with a friend. It’s got great advice for any new mums, not just multiple mums.

We worked with Leonie, and have provided you with a checklist to help you our as a new twin mum, or just a new mum in general. We think these are the essentials to have too – we did it twice as well, but not all at once! 😂

What do you need to buy as a Twin Mum?

This list is based on twins if you have triplets or more you just add on relevant amount.

If you need to get organised, why not set up a baby wish list on Amazon too?

  • Bedroom/nursery
  • Clothing
    • All-in-one sleepsuits x2, pack of 8.
    • Short-sleeve bodysuits x2, pack of 8.
    • Long-sleeve bodysuits x2, pack of 8.
    • Soft booties x6 pairs.
    • Scratch mittens x6 pairs.
    • Socks x8 pairs.
    • Newborn bibs x2, pack of 10.
    • Hats x6.
    • Cardigans x6.
    • Jackets/onesies for the pram x4.
  • Travelling/getting around

Leonie has a special tip for drivers: Keep a box in the boot of the car to store baby items and remember to keep it replenished. She started using this from when her twins were four months old and it was so helpful.

Sometimes when you are in a rush to be somewhere, it is easy to forget something in the twins’ baby bag. This box contained the following items and always came in handy, in fact, you will use it long after they are wee babies:

  • Nappies,
  • Nappy bags,
  • Wipes,
  • Muslin,.
  • Cream,
  • Onesie,
  • Vests,
  • Tops,
  • Trousers/leggings,
  • Socks,
  • Booties
  • Gloves,
  • Hats,
  • Coats,
  • Blankets,
  • Buggy rain cover,
  • First aid kit, and
  • Soft toys and teething rings.

We hope you all agree that this is a very helpful checklist for us all. To download the list, just click on the circular image below.

Twin Mum Essentials Checklist

We hope you find this useful. If you want other advice on babies, do check out some of the other articles that we have on the site. And if you need a bit of a boost, check out these super cute Mom/Mum Day quotes too.

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