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Build and colour your own NHS Nightingale hospital

We have been trying to find things to do to entertain ourselves in the last few weeks; the daughter managed to draw and design her own thank you poster. She wants to be a designer, so that made sense, but what about the son, what could we do with him. He wants to be an engineer, so why not build your own hospital? Even better, build and design your own NHS Nightingale Hospital….

To download the templates for them – just click on the image below, or the square one a little bit later in this article.

Build and colour your own NHS Nightingale Hospital free printable

We think it looks super cool – don’t you? He managed to design the two nets, and you could try that too if you have the time, and the kids are a little older, rather than using our templates.

Don’t forget to share what you do with us in our group either…

We used the Google Sketch Up 2007 package, which seems to be free to download. My son (12) was able to use this perfectly fine, and without supervision, thanks to design tech classes at school. It is pretty intuitive though, so should be too hard for you to work out.

How to make the NHS Nightingale hospital

All you need to build your own hospital are:

  • Maths net templates (downloaded from this article),
  • Glue,
  • Something to score your folds with,
  • Ruler,
  • White card (affiliate link), and
  • Colouring pens or pencils.

After you have gathered the supplies, making the hospital is really simple.

  1. Print out the two templates on white card,
  2. Cut out the nets, making sure you don’t cut into any of the shapes at all. You will need both of the nets, the one for making the hospital base (oblong), and the other for making the top peak of the hospital (the rectangular-based prism),
  3. Score all the lines within the nets, excluding the rectangle on the roof (as per the instructions on the sheet),
  4. Fold down all the score lines and glue the small tabs to the opposite sides on the rectangular based prism until it is completed to look as per our finished picture below.
  5. Glue the prism to the top of the flat net for the oblong, and then build this net. Again glueing the tabs so you close up the oblong,
  6. Now you can design your model, and
  7. Colour it in!

Hopefully when its finished – it’ll look something like this – we decided to decorate ours as a bit of a rainbow.

Build and colour your own NHS Nightingale Hospital

If you are outside the UK, and so need something that isn’t too “NHS” – then do use the templates with the red crosses on instead. You can then choose to use whatever you wanted to decorate your design with.

Build and colour your own NHS Nightingale Hosptial

We hope you can see the red cross version in the above?

My son and I hope that you like this – it’s not perfect as a twelve-year old made it, but its kept little hands busy, so its good enough for us! Slightly wonky on the sheet with the lines of the net, but once you cut them out, they are straight – we promise you.

Hopefully – you can see from the picture about that it works perfectly fine!

Just in case you want to see the sheets for creating this – here you go…

Rectangular based prism maths net: For the hospital roof

free printable hospital roof

Oblong maths net: for the hospital main building

free printable NHS hospital

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We’d love to have you here again soon. Take care,

Build and colour your own NHS Nightingale hospital

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