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5 top tips for washing baby clothes | Ad

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As every parent of a newborn will confirm – they might be tiny, but babies can generate a LOT of washing! To keep baby clothes looking super clean, fresh and long lasting, you’ll need to develop world class rugby skills in tackling the most stubborn stains. With this in mind, we are sharing our tips for washing baby clothes to help make your lives so much easier. And we all know we need this when we have a little newborn don’t we?!?! In addition, we are giving you an idea for how you can get those clothes sorted with a new product too: smol. This company produces eco-friendly and ethically made laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets, which you can order online. They are up to 50% cheaper than other brands.

5 top tips for washing baby clothes

Our five top tips for washing baby clothes:

  • Buy organic cotton where possible,
  • Wash clothes before use,
  • Use a non biological detergent,
  • Wash at 30-40 degrees, even for heavily stained clothes, and
  • Regularly clean and disinfect your washing machine

These are the five basic tips for washing baby clothes so that you can get baby clothes really clean, whilst also caring for sensitive newborn skin. These tips should also help with removing stains from newborn baby clothes as well.

What are the best detergents for baby clothing and laundry?

5 top tips for washing baby clothes

We have recently discovered smol products – a new brand of high performance and eco-friendly laundry capsules (and dishwasher tablets). You can order online and these super concentrated capsules are small enough to be posted through your letterbox – really convenient for busy families and ensuring you never run out.

Best thing? smol is up to 50% cheaper than leading brands!

Courtesy of smol laundry capsules, here is a little more info on taking the best care of your little one’s “littlies”.

Buy organic cotton

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When it comes to choosing clothes for a baby, comfort is a big priority. Newborn and baby skin can be sensitive and easily irritated so most parents look for soft fabrics with easy openings. We recommend choosing cotton where possible, and ideally organic cotton. Not only is this better for the environment, but organic cotton is also free from chemicals which can irritate your child’s delicate skin. Whilst clothes made with organic cotton can be more expensive, they generally also last longer!

Wash baby clothes before you wear them

5 top tips for washing baby clothes

Before you sort and store baby clothes, it’s worth popping them in the wash. This removes any unwanted germs that might have been picked up in transit and could potentially cause irritation. Washing clothes can often soften new fabric, making clothing more cosy and comfortable for your little one.

Keep it non-biological

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Which is the best detergent to use for washing baby clothes? Biological detergents use enzymes to help remove stains but some people find that they can cause irritation to the skin. Babies skin is naturally thinner, more delicate and more sensitive than adults, and so non biological detergents are the recommended option when it comes to choosing a detergent for baby and children’s clothing. Don’t worry, non biological detergents are still highly effective in removing stains!

Did you know, smol spent 2 years developing, testing and perfecting their formula – using less chemicals than leading brands but just as effective. In fact, smol is the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world!

As well as looking for non-biological detergents, many consumers are switching to eco-friendly brands which as a rule use less chemicals and have milder fragrances – extra ways to reduce irritation and take care of baby skin. Conscious of just how much laundry families need to do, smol has thought of all sorts of little eco-friendly touches; less chemicals, recycled and recyclable packaging and products made with no animal derivates or testing. smol products are endorsed by Leaping Bunny and Peta – suitable for vegans and absolutely free of any animal cruelty.

Keep it cool, baby


It’s a common misperception that temperature and a hot wash are key to removing stains from children’s clothes. In fact, it is NOT necessary to wash clothes at high temperatures to remove stains! We have found that washing at a high temperature can sometimes have the opposite effect and can “set” a stain. If you are trying to remove common baby and children’s stains such as milk, vomit, poo or food, our recommendation is to wash the garment at 30C, as soon as possible after staining. There is no need to wash the stained clothing on it’s own, but it may be necessary to wash the garment a second time to fully remove the stain. To avoid wasting water and electricity, remember, you don’t need to wash the stained garment on it’s own – pop it in the wash with other clothing.

Wash your washing machine!

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If you are worried about germs and bacteria on clothing, we have two great tips here. Rather than washing at high temperatures (bad for the environment, expensive and not proven to kill bacteria), you could try regularly cleaning your washing machine. To do this, just run the machine on empty, on a regular short cycle, with a little vinegar inside the detergent drawer. This is a great, natural way to ensure that your machine is free of germs, particularly if you are regularly washing stained baby clothes. Secondly, remember that the heat from an iron can also be a great way to kill bacteria – so you could quickly run an iron over clean, dry baby clothes.

Is it OK to use fabric conditioner on baby’s skin?

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People are often worried about washing baby clothes and then adding fabric condition to their wash as well – so is this fine to do?

Yes! Lots of people use fabric conditioner to give an extra softness boost. Again, look for eco-friendly options, and potentially less fragrance.

NOTE: This post was sponsored by smol – high performance eco-friendly laundry capsules, available in bio and non-bio detergent. Smol washing capsules are delivered direct to your door; no more lugging big bottles back from the supermarket, and you’ll never run out again. By delivering direct to you, smol has cut out the middle man – making smol laundry capsules up to 50% cheaper than leading brands. smol also offers dishwasher tablets. smol offers a free trial to all new customers, with £1 towards postage and packing.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for washing baby clothes.

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5 top tips for washing baby clothes

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