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Back to school morning routine chart – free printable

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We know we are thinking a little ahead here – but we feel it is important to make that transition to back to school as easy as possible for our kids. It has been a difficult time recently, and it is always hard to return after a break, and it is likely to be even more so now. We hope that this back to school morning routine chart, which you can personalise for your children will help. Whether your kids are just a little anxious about the return, or they have special needs and that predictability of the school environment becomes even more important to them….

We realise that everyone will have a different morning routine, so we have created a chart that you can build for yourself from a few options that we have provided for you. Obviously, it is in our usual red and green, so you know it is from us!

We feel that this is a simple way of creating a flexible chart, so that if you find things change, you can adapt the chart as well.

The best way of using this to do is the print out the chart, and then print the two sheets with the activities on. You can then stick velcro pads to the chart and to the different activities in the routine, so that you can chop and change depending on how your morning routine alters.

As you can see, we have a few options for you, and a total of eight items to put in your morning routine, and you can adapt these for your child’s day, and even to the day of the week. In otherwords, you can change the routine depending on what happens the following day. It is easy to discuss what is happened with your children, so they understand their daily routine.

If you would like to download this resource – feel free to pop along to our shop and download it FOR FREE; though you can contribute a suggested 99p to our charity if you wish to do so.

We don’t charge for this product, so you can get this for free, you only need to contribute to the site if you want to do so – just to aid our charity partner, Reverence for Life.

Just as an additional thought for those of you that don’t have kids in school yet…it can be helpful for children to know in advance, who is looking after them. If kids are at nursery, and sometimes looked after by others depending on your work arrangement, do check out our care charts. These help with care routines for families and use visualisations to help kids understand where they are from day to day. It can be a logistical nightmare arranging care for our kids while we work, so at least with this chart you know you can explain things more easily to your kids. This can really help to reduce separation anxiety.

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We hope you enjoyed this post and to see you back soon!


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